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In Memory of Shadowmaker

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We have just found out that Shadowmaker, member of United We Fight [UWF] has passed away.
Shadowmaker was very active in Ultima Online. He was a counselor back when we had them, and part of the Companion program helping new players find their way around.
His spirit of helping young players went well past the Companion program. Up to the last time Shadowmaker logged in he was out wandering around Haven finding young players to show the ropes. He was always quick to lend a hand, or a sword whenever it was needed. He will be missed by all who knew him.

If you knew Shadowmaker, or would simply like to pay respects to a member of the UO community, United We Fight will be meeting at our guild house tonight at 9pm Eastern. You can find UWF members in most towns and through global chat. I will set up a room for arranging gates to our guild house.