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In Loving Memory - Lord Goodman, Lord Kraken & Lady Maling Kytiao


Goodman's Rune Library
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Goodman Memorial - Monday, September 5th 8:00 pm EST


I wish for one more day
Now that you're gone
To thank you
To spend one more hour with you
To be able to show you how much we miss you

Now that you're gone I wish for
One more hunting trip
One last rune book
One last time to say see you later
One last opportunity to wish you well

Wishing that it was only a dream
Not believing that only in my heart
Is where I can see you
It is so hard to realize
That this is now our reality

Now that you're gone together
We still treasure your memory
We are still inspired by your generosity & kindness
You will remain in our hearts
Till the day we are together again

In Loving Memory

Please join us on New Magincia Beach Trammel for a Memorial Service for our Dear Friend Goodman aka Frank Campbell.

There will be a Eulogy given this year by Queen Mum of Sonoma followed by
Remembrances by his friends.

If you would like to speak more formally, please pm me.

Thank you for all your support this past year.


Goodman Memorial - The Eulogy

Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen, Human, Elven & Gargoyle, Special Guests.

Welcome to New Magincia!

Thank you for joining us this evening to mark the 6th Anniversary

Of the passing of our dear Friend Goodman aka Frank Campbell.

This year we have a several Special Guests of Honor.

All who have graciously agreed to share their memories with us.

Please welcome Queen Mum of Sonoma who will speak for Goodman this year.

Queen Mum:

We are gathered here today to honor and celebrate the memory of our friend Fred Campbell, truly a GOOD-MAN.

Although it has been several years it seems like just yesterday when I took my first journey to a UO land called Atlantic and wandered around feeling lost and unsure of which direction to go when a player named Lord Goodman walk up to me and greeted me with a warm smile and asked if I needed assistance.

After explaining that the lands of Atlantic were unfamiliar to me he graciously offered his knowledge and hand of escorting.

He took me on a wonderful tour of Atlantic and showed me all the unique areas to this wonderful shard. Then he showed me his pride and joy ... the public Goodman Rune Library which clearly displayed the dedication and hard work he had done in creating this community resource.

The time flew by without either of us realizing it had been hours since we first met and alas it was time for real life to take me away from my new found friend. He handed me precharged runebooks to help me on my way along with an open door invitation to 'drop by anytime to chat'.

Fortunately I returned many times to Atlantic and found Lord Goodman to always be the same ... cheerful, kind, funny, sincere and always warm hearted. He found the good in all and never spoke a harsh word of another. He personified the UO virtues and would share with anyone his understanding of them.

Let us remember and share with all we meet the principals and virtues Frank (Goodman) stood for both in life and in game ...

Compassion - the Love of others ...

Honesty - the Respect for Truth ...

Honor - the Courage to seek and uphold the Truth ...

Humility - perceiving one's place in the world, not of accomplishments,
but recognizing the value of all individuals ...

Justice - the Truth tempered by Love ...

Sacrifice - the Courage to give oneself in name of Love ...

Spirituality - to seek Truth, Love & Courage from one's self & the world around ...

Valor - the Courage to stand up against risks

As we leave today, let us keep within each of us the many fine qualities and experiences of Goodman that we share today, using them in our lives to build a better world for ourselves and others.

As the Proverb says,
"Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names."
and forever his name will be lovingly etched in us because
Fred Campbell touched the lives of many and left on us all
the mark of what he encompassed - a GOOD-MAN.

Before family and friends come forward to share their thoughts I turn the podium over to Andrasta


Thank you Queen Mum.

It truly has been an honor to have you with us this evening.

Your community service is an inspiration to all of us.

You truly follow in his footsteps with your Kindness and Generosity.

We have two more special guests this evening,

First Lady Frany Flame

who is here to say a few words for Kraken

who we sadly lost this year.

Lady Frany:

Funny enough...

I only saw Goodman only one time in passing.

The building behind me I knew way more.

Establishments like this are what really built a strong community.

Built by caring people like Goodman and others.

Some vets may remember Lord Kraken, who supplied so many with recall

scrolls to the community.

He started before Tram existed, working out of a container of my uncle's house.

Later he had his own shop, eventually gaining the big mall by Yew Tram moongate.

Kraken, his real name was Porter Thompson, died from Leukemia January 2nd of this year.

The sad news was met with many touching responses from the community.

It was very comforting to his real family... and those of us in this little world

left behind.

He was a good friend, always quick with a funny comment and greatly missed every day.

His memorial sits near by the Red & Purple Town. Thank you.


Thank you Lady Frany. We appreciate your heartfelt words.

Please welcome Deadbob who will say a few words for Maling Kytiao another

dear friend gone too soon.


Who are these people who gather to honor the fallen, year after year?

Some have lost a personal friend, like Maling Kytiao, and miss her personally.

For there are never many people like the person Maling was. Some of us are

grateful because Maling contributed to our enjoyment of the game.

We often saw her in Old Haven, dropping valuable items for new players.

Once, I asked, “Why?”

“This is the only way some will ever get these,” she told me.

Some here are players like Maling, honest, independent, helpful.

Today, you honor your own values by honoring her.

And some are here to learn what are those personal qualities

That make someone be remembered, year after year.

We gather to honor a fallen friend, year after year, for the person they were

Because they were kind of person that we would strive to be.


Thank you Deadbob. Your memories will help keep Lady Maling in our hearts.

Our memories will remain strong together for our dear friends.

As is our custom if you would like to say a few words for Goodman, Kraken or Maling?

(We call upon anyone who would like to say a few words at this point)


Hope has finally come to Magincia

The Citizens of Magincina have been busy this year

Cleaning, restoring & building all you see before you.

The terrible destruction and haunting spirits of the old city

are but echos of the past and have begin to fade in our memory.

Old friends return and new immigrants land on our shores

Hoping to find a safe haven and a happy life.

Here amongst the reborn vibrant New Magincia.

A new youthful generation is creating their own memories

Just as we did in our youth so long ago.

I believe Goodman's spirit is here welcoming the new and the old.

He would have been enthusiastic about the many new expansions.

I know he would have loved the Ships and the Pirates.

As in years past my energies have been focussed on the community of Atlantic. This past year I began work on the Blue Crane Portal beside Goodman's Library in Makuto.

I hope you will visit it someday soon and follow the teleporters to some of our most interesting locations.

Thank you Everyone for coming this evening.

Thank you to our special guests. Thank you to those who help me year round.

Thank you to Pink Dragoness, Tazar & his Honor Guards, Draken Korin as always.

Lady Rachel & Lady Tatiana Thorn for the beautiful decorations.

Our Love and Respect to Goodman, Kraken & Maling.

Forever we live in the hearts and the memories of those who loved us.