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In Loving Memory - Doc of Jhelom 12/12/09


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Dear Doc,

Well my friend I've just heard that you are finally at peace. I am very sad that I will never see you again but I am happy that you are no longer in pain.

I know you are with your beloved wife and I know you are with Frank. I can imagine the adventures the two of you will go on now. I'm sure all the runes in Heaven will be marked and all the monsters will be vanquished. We found a spot in the garden for you near Frank so the two of you could be together here as long as we have left.

I will miss the conversations we had all the time about the "good old days in Felucca". I miss them too. I will miss being called "My Queen" but only by you. We had wonderful times back then together. I know you loved our town just about as much as you loved Jhelom. I will miss our hunting trips and just sitting and talking to you in some quiet place.

I will always admire you for your great kindness and generosity when we all had nothing and the world was like the Wild West. No matter how the world treated you, you got back up and went right back to helping others. I will always appreciate just how much you did for everyone who was lucky enough to have met you and called you a friend.

I will always be grateful to have had the pleasure of knowing you for over 10 years here. It was my honor and a privilege. I will always love you and miss you my friend Doc. I will collect feathers for you always in your honor.

With Love Always,


I cannot say I knew Doc only having met him a handful of times thru the years, but I can say that Andra spoke of him with me with such respect and admiration over the years that there is no doubt he will be sorely missed by the UO community. My condolences go out to his family.


:sad3: Doc will be missed by many - He was a steadfast friend and willing helper to any in need. Rest well my friend.


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You have passed from this world my friend but never from our memories.
I will miss spending time talking with you. I will miss your greetings of
" Rachel? My Rachel? " I will always be your 'other Rachel' .

You were a kind and thoughtful man, always looking for a way to help others. I will hold you forever in my heart.

Godspeed my friend.


Never met the guy, but that was the saddest thing I've ever read.
Godspeed, whoever you were, where ever you are..


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So much sadness on these boards nowadays for old UO players. I probably knew this Doc if he was an old player on Atlantic. May he rest in peace.