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[Auction] I'm Baaackkk! Ends Sunday 1/3


Business. That's all it ever is...business.
Stratics Veteran
3.150 m
5. 80m
6. 200m
12. 75m
13. 100m
14. 150m
29. 150 m
33. 20
34. 10m
35. 10 m
36. 15m
40. 100 m
42. 20 m
45. 60m
46. 10m


Slightly Crazed
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4. Demonic Piglet (1/15) 325 mil
29. vial of slugs 1/6 180 mil


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
******Updated, 5 hours left!, please read update on top of thread in bold red lettering, I won't be here to update in real time tonight**************


Business. That's all it ever is...business.
Stratics Veteran
scratch number 4 on my bid list sorry I meessed up I'm scrolling back and forth I did not mean to bid on number 4


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Stratics Legend
That most likely will be my last update, on my way out the door. Again, sorry for not being here till the end, but RL calls. good luck bidding


ICQ 647752375
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1. Royal Spy Secret Decoder Ring - Clearance Level: consultant (1/9). 50m @atlantic_MadnesS

2. Red/black mesanna pumpkin 75m i @kikiriki

3. Owain Surreys Dreamcatcher - a memory of the soothsayer's Demise (*) 265 @Ruppy2

4. Demonic Piglet (1/15) 425M @MrUber

5. Voodoo doll (1/75-100) 145M @Ruppy2

6. Magnifiying glass of the Great Detective (1/15) 200M @ivester77

7. 5 Painted ATL mesanna masks 76m @genchattroll101

8. Contained Essence from creatures stolen by Krowlee the evil mage (red crystal ball) (1/15). 150 @Kolka

9. In with good fortune box, with sprig holley, setsubun bean pie, and sardine head (*) 30M @Corum/Genghis
10. Tormented minotaur 55m @Meadhbh

11. A wind spirit. WOW 1/4 non replica! 76m @starcraft

12. EM tailspin is leaving and mesanna is not making him go! (bear mask) (*) 75m @ivester77

13. I out ran mesanna and I lived to tell about it (fur boots) 1/6 300m @ivester77

14. I died playing mesanna roulette (apron) 1/80 150m @ivester77

15. Thank you napa, love mesanna (*) 16m @slippjeem

16. Rotten Leprechaun Brew 1/25 20M Ducan @IronWeaver

17. Official Guardian of the "Spirit of Christmas" (*) 25m @ivester77

18. Rubble block 60m Reg

19. rubble arch 5m THP

20 rubble metal hanger 20m Reg

21. rubble wooden hanger 40m Reg

22. Mark of trav eval/magery 20M AR

23. Gift box 31m Mcgee

24. gift box 31m Mcgee

25. gift box 40m Green lantern

26. full non rep knights suit 15m Slippjeem

27. Goblin slayer (shirt) ~1/20 55m Jyachori

28. statue of the stars (*) 8m starcraft

29. Vial of slimey slugs obtained from the shadow dweller's spawn 1/6 350m @ivester77

30. corrupted book of truth to sister ruffian 30m @ivester77

31. corrupted book of truth to Hades Sanguinis 30m @ivester77

32. Blood purified book of truth (inscription damaged) 5m THP

33. Rotten leprechaun cheese 1/15 25m Ducan

34. Bloody bandage 10M @ivester77

35. Christmas angel food cake 10M @ivester77

36. Pheonix red pigment 15 charges 20M Mcgee

37. glacial pickaxe 35m Ducan

38. Red Singing ball 85M Money Bags

39. Survivor of doom's lantern of Light 5m THP

40. spittoon (server birth) 100M @ivester77

41. Red Death 25M THP

42. Full halloween costume set 20M @ivester77

43. Cure for the great gargish blight prepared by Enuko X2 5m THP

44. A seedbox recovered from Blackrock Dump 1/20 1.1B @ivester77

45. Burnt tall palm tree.65M Kingshore

46. Holy Starlight (sakura 2010) 10M @ivester77

47. dark green/brown spellbook with weird inscription? Can't find any info on it.100m @Promathia