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ific Auction House March 11, 2012

Discussion in 'UO Pacific Events' started by PacificAuctionHouse, Mar 10, 2012.

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  1. Pacific Auction House presents a great line up of fun and items for this Sunday. Come and join in the fun a 1:00 PM Pacific ~ 4:00 PM Eastern, North East of the Luna Moon Gate in Luna on Pacific. We have huge UO GOLD checks as door prizes!!!

    Barbed Runic Sewing Kit (100 uses)
    20 Powders of Fortifying
    Character Statue Maker (6th Year Veteran Reward)
    An Imprisioned Dog
    2x Exceptional Plate Armor Suite
    Mark of the Travesty and Jewelry(+36Parry,+36Bushido,+26Swords,+13Tactics,+22%Di

    !!!!!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!

    Valentine 5,000
    Mailbox 25,000
    An Unknown Mage's Skeleton 25,000
    7 Holiday Fireflies 10,000
    Hay 10,000

    Character Statue Maker (6th Year Veteran Reward) 250,000
    An Icy Patch 5,000
    An Extra Large Firecracker 5,000
    Rocking Horse 5,000
    2 Powder of Fortifying 50,000

    Cow Statuette 150,000
    Colored Bulk Order Set 150,000
    Dawn's Music Box 5,000
    A Whispering Rose From MoNkEyBoY 25,000
    An Obsidian Statue Of A Brilliant Artisan 10,000

    A Legendary Scroll Of Provocation (120 Skill) 50,000
    MrsTroubleMaker's Jack O' Lantern 5,000
    A Mythical Scroll Of Peascemaking and Musicianship (115 Skills) 50,000
    A Mythical Scroll Of Evalute Intelligence and Magery (115 Skills) 100,000
    2 Heritage Tokens 100,000

    Hat of the Magi (Cursed) 100,000
    Recipe Scroll (Song Woven Mantle) 25,000
    Mark of the Travesty and Jewelry(+36Parry,+36Bushido,+26Swords,+13Tactics,+22%Di 100,000
    6 Painting Set 5,000
    Lord Blackthorn's Exemplar 25,000

    Hunter's Headdresss (cursed 1,000,000
    A Deed For A Parrot Pearch with Parrot Named Mia 255 Week Old 10,000
    A Ferret Imprisioned In A Crystal 50,000
    2 Hay 20,000
    2x Exceptional Jointing Plane 25,000

    An Imprisioned Dog 100,000
    2x Exceptional Tunic 50,000
    2x Exceptional Dress Form 50,000
    2x Exceptional Goblet (GOLD) and Gold Picture of Water 50,000
    2x Exceptional Plate Armor Suite 100,000

    Strong Box 50,000
    Potted Tree 25,000
    A Coupon For A Free Hair Restyling 10,000
    Nest With Eggs 10,000
    An Albino Squirrel Imprisoned In A Crystal 50,000

    Glass (green) 50,000
    Chair In A Ghost Costume 50,000
    Heart Shapped Box 5,000
    The Holy Sword 25,000
    Rubble Square Rock 50,000

    2 Heritage Tokens 100,000
    Race Change Token 100,000
    Stygian Abyss Statuette Token 100,000
    2 Door Mats 100,000
    2 Muffins 100,000

    Hand Folded Dragon 100,000
    Dragon Easter Egg (black & Gold) 100,000
    Night Eyes 100,000
    Enchanted Kelp Woven Leggings 100,000
    House wall Rubble 50,000

    5 Different Deco Trees (black and white) 50,000
    10 Dull Copper Runic Hammers 50,000
    10 Shadow Runic Hammers 100,000
    20 Powders of Fortifying 1,000,000
    Barbed Runic Sewing Kit (100 uses) 1,000,000

    Thanks From The Pacific Auction House

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