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If you're needing to update your Credit/Debit card info


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A lot of banks and Credit Card companies in North America are choosing the next few months to transition people to the chip-style cards like what's used overseas. As such, that means new Expiration Dates, new security codes/CCVs on the back, and of course, the old card won't work anymore.

If your card is changed to where the actual number remains the same, but only the date & CCV changes, the following video is how you update your information - at least, until the new billing system gets implemented. You can't just enter it as a "new" card, as it will tell you the card's already saved.



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Useful info, but better still is to CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT after you have made a payment with your credit card.

Why? Because you will be able to play for the entire time you paid for but your credit card info will no longer be tied to your account. If someone hacks your account your credit card remains safe and will not continue paying.

I recommend this aproach because of how many fingers are in the pot. EA, Mythic?, Broadsword and all 3rd party sources involved with the entire process of paying for UO do not need the info until it's actually time to pony up again. Stay safe.

P.S. They really should update their service and give you the OPTION of yes/no to keep your credit card info on file. Right now they don't but cancel works around that.
I just use PayPal to buy the codes from Origin.com. This way EA never gets a sniff of my card details.

Petra Fyde

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