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If kickstarter fails then what?...


Stratics Veteran
just curious what you're current thoughts are about if this kickstarter fails. I have heard mention of direct on site funding. however I personaly think one more attempt at a kickstarter would be a good idea.

a successfully funded kickstarter would help draw attention even further. also look at when you started this kickstarter.. we had an average 20 players online with a cap of about 30... and hadn't gotten realy any exposure then we got just 1 article on mmorpg.com and now we see an average of what 80-90? I've been busy lately but the couple random times I've logged in there was close to 100 ppl online that is a huge change in a short amount of time all from 1 simple review...

I also see lots of people requesting another kickstarter attempt if this one does fail so I with them feel that would be a great idea.

however this time we'ld need to focus on getting reviewers and getting the game listed on other gaming sites.

so anyway I was just wondering had you noticed these things? and if so what have your thoughts about a next move been?

PS. either way you decide to go you should still focus on getting sites to come review/post articals even if they don't praise as highly as mmorpg did they would all still draw close to equal attention and that is always good.


Stratics Veteran
I would have to agree that I think another Kickstarter is in order. Merely because I am one of the folks that tried this game cause of the MMORPG article and honestly, I have seen a large in flux of players in my small amount of time in the game. I did already post on this subject, below is what I said so I don't have to retype although only quoted pertinent parts:

I think this game really needs to have a successful kickstarter first before they go the donation route. However, I think more "umph" needs to be done on the side of the kickstarter as well. They really need to have more updates on the kickstarter, at least 1 per week. They need to setup some interviews with journalists/youtube personalities to get the game out there. They are already way ahead of most kickstarters with a free alpha that folks can play but they need to build on top of that. Some things I think would help:
Weekly updates to kickstarter
Updates of content patches - (Worthwhile to schedule some during kickstarter)
Updates of bug fixes - (Literally post patch notes to KS to show work is being done)
Community Events - (In-game community events with the devs. Something akin to the naked Halfling run in EQ or something like that)
Streamers - (Contact youtube streamers with some name recognition to do a episode or part of a episode on the game)
Dev Interviews - (Typed interviews as well as some video interviews where devs talk with a streamer as they play or play together)
If the devs can add things like this to the kickstarter page from the beginning to the end of the kickstarter I think they could easily hit their goal. A ton of work to be sure, but the pay off could be funding. A community/media manager wouldn't be a bad idea either, however that's more money too or finding a volunteer from the community. Either way, the more help they can get and more content they get out in peoples faces, the easier to get and more money they will get.


Project: Gorgon Developer
Stratics Veteran
Another kickstarter -- I dunno. Probably not, at least not soon. It's not a very good platform for it, unless you over-promise on what you can do. Which admittedly a lot of people do, but I won't do that. In order to deliver on the various rewards in this Kickstarter, I really do need $100k. A smaller amount would mean I can't deliver things like housing as promised, let alone deliver the game at the promised time window.

So I either would need to dramatically lower my "campaign promises", which makes the Kickstarter a lot less appealing, or shoot for $100k again, which isn't likely to happen.The average Kickstarter pledge is $25. During my current campaign, it's averaged $75, which is great! But even if the average is $75, that would mean I'd need 1,333 pledges to hit the goal. With fewer than 300 right now, that seems wildly optimistic. And failing another Kickstarter would be bad PR.

So I'm looking at other options (like Indiegogo, or a custom PayPal page), but I don't currently see how Kickstarter can fit into things at this stage. It's really an "all or nothing" platform, if used as intended. It would make sense as a tool to reach additional milestones, if I was already confident I'd be able to complete the basic game, but right now I don't have confidence in that.

I know that some indie MMOs have managed to hit $100k without anything playable, and with even less publicity than I've managed to accumulate, which is why I even bothered to try Kickstarter in the first place. I honestly don't know how they do it, though.

We've sent an incredible number of emails and talked to hundreds and hundreds of bloggers, journalists, and so on, and tried to get as much publicity as we can. We haven't been just screwing around all month, we've been pushing hard -- it's just not worked! Some of those people have started to get back to us recently, though, so I guess we'll see how things go over the next week or two as more interviews go up, and then formulate a plan.
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Stratics Veteran
Well I am glad to hear that your really weighing all the options. I'm not sure what other routes you can go, but I am very happy to hear that your looking at all possibilities and not just continuing the kickstarter route until it funds when it looks like it's not going to fund.

I wish I had more suggestions in this front, but I will continue to support this game as much as possible and attempt to get the name out there where I can. Look forward to hearing from you on what route you plan to go to get the funding that you need.


Stratics Veteran
The campaign failed because the Golden Age of Kickstarted Games is over now that we have seen so many failed games. I think the only way to go now is to get as much publicity as possible and maybe find some investors.


Stratics Veteran
... A smaller amount would mean I can't deliver things like housing as promised, let alone deliver the game at the promised time window.
Then skip housing. That's something noone can gauge at the moment, since there is nothing of it in the game right now and the true benefit is debatable. People are enjoying the game right now without a hint of housing. There is other stuff to focus on.

I am not advocating another kickstarter, though. A different approach could be worth considering. There are platforms providing Indie titles, like Desura. For people to donate more than a few bucks there has to be an incentive, of course. And finding that without watering down your vision is a tough job indeed.
So, whether it will be another kickstarter or some alternative business model, I will support you creating this game.


Stratics Veteran
Got to agree I'm pretty sure 99% will wait for housing in the future
This game as it is right now is already better than most full released games out there, The new age gamers need more like this since all of them now are auto click, no thinking needed types.
Games recently have become very lazy, bad company running it, bad developers supporting, and the constant need to grab as much cash out of the players and not to mention the repetitive daily quest factor. This game is a prime example of what more future game should be like.

I hope it doesn't go away I've been enjoying the hell out of it