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[Drachenfels] Idea: New Idea for series of events.


Stratics Legend
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I have a idea for a new series of event.

Event name : Not decided.

The goal is simple: Increasing the funds for all cities.

How? We go to a place/area/dungeon to kill monsters. A lot of them. The event takes between 1,5 and 2 hours. We collect all the gold, when our pockets are full, we give the gold to 1 and the same person. It would maybe be best that the Governor of the city we gather for (Or a character of him/her) Collect all the gold and send it to the bank.(Anything else you can keep) At the end of the event, we go to the city guildstone and the governor of that town drops all the gold into the stone.
The city we fight for will be on turns. I would suggest to do the cities in alphabetic order.

- Britain
- Jhelom*
- Minoc
- Moonglow
- New Magincia
- Skara Brae
- Trinsic
- Vesper
- Yew

* Because Jhelom still has more then 68 Million gold on the stone , We will skip turns several times because at this point it is not needed.
The more people join, the better it would be for each city.
My Questions are, would you be interested in joining these events and willingly give the gold you collect for the town treasury?
How often would you like to do them? Every week? Every 2 or 3 weeks.
Where do we go? Random places or always the same? Or who decide where we should go?

I would like to hear all your thoughts on it, So if there is enough interest I can get this going.
You have to understand, I can not do this when only 2-3 players shows up at the event.This has to be a community effort. The more the better. It would benefit all towns/governors in the longrun. :)

My Idea is for Drachenfels but would not mind here thoughts of the concept from other players from otehr shards too. :)


Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
We've tried these hunts on Great Lakes (smaller population than it use to be) and we've managed mainly Governor's characters on alts and 2-4 other players. With about 20 to 50k in gold. It's a good option to get a few folks together. We've farmed Succubi, at 1k each it's a whole pile of monsters to gather 2 million gold.


Stratics Legend
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
My first idea is to go Shame and farm eternal gazers. We will collect the gold and maybe get some good irems to sell and give that also as bonus for the town donation.