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Icecrown Boss Guide - Sindragosa

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Sindragosa is a mean old beastie, commanded by the Lich King himself in the Wrath of the Lich King opening cinematic. In the past, we've seen her killing a whole army of Horde or Alliance in the Pit of Saron. With the opening of the Frostwing Halls raid, she's finally ready to fight face to face. As you'd expect from a dragon, this is no easy fight. Players have ten minutes to bring down this flying menace for good.

=10 Man Normal=​

Phase 1: On the Ground

The tank has a lot of responsibility in this fight.


Tanks have a lot to deal with in this fight, particularly in the first stage when Sindragosa is on the ground. For one thing, she has a constant aura
that deals 4,500 frost damage to everyone in the party at three second intervals. Along with that, any tanks positioned at Sindragosa's rear are at risk of catching a tail swipe. Staying close to her sides is the best option. Tanks (and anyone else) near the front of Sindragosa are going to have to take the brunt of her AoE attacks, as well - Frost Breath, a powerful attack that deals nearly 50,000 damage to people caught in its 60 yard radius, spread out over four seconds.

Tanks that are attacking to gain aggro need to be aware: the dragon has a debuff called Permeating Chill,
which has a 20% chance of affecting anyone who strikes her physically.


The majority of the raid party should be DPS. With a skilled healer, one or two tanks can maintain aggro on Sindragosa; the rest of the team needs to be focused on pumping as much damage into the dragon as possible, thanks to her high amount of HP and 10-minute Enrage limit.

Given that players causing physical damage have a chance to get bitten by Permeating Chill, focusing on attack magic seems like a good choice. It's not going to be simple, though; Sindragosa has an annoying ability called Unstable Magic,
which causes the targeted player's spells to backfire, and do large amounts of damage. Fortunately, there's an eight second period between the spell and the point where the damage finishes being dealt, giving healers a window in which to prevent death.


Healers are going to have the hardest job against Sindragosa. The amount of damage she puts out over the entire party constantly is fairly overwhelming, even before she starts attacking proper. Healers need to keep the tank(s) topped up, since they'll be taking the brunt of the dragon's direct attacks as well as any tertiary damage.

Healers also need to be on the lookout for people hit with Unstable magic, because it, along with any other damage, runs a high risk of killing the player. These are top priority.

Icy Grip

Icy Grip is a nasty ability that pulls the whole raid group towards Sindragosa, before she unleashes Blistering Cold,
which nails everyone within range for 35,000 damage. It's impossible to interrupt, so as soon as Icy Grip has subsided, everyone needs to book it away from Sindragosa as fast as they can. Blistering Cold's range is 25 yards, and it takes five seconds to cast, so it's entirely possible for everyone to make it out without a scratch; that is, if they're quick on the draw after Icy Grip.

Phase 2: In the Air

Positioning is of paramount importance in this fight, because Sindragosa takes flight every minute or so. Once in flight, she drops four Frost Bombs, which deal 24,000 damage to anyone in her line of sight. Just before this, five people will be frozen with Ice Tomb
before she drops the payload. Players need to position themselves behind the Ice Tombs before the bombs are dropped. The frozen players will block the rest of the team from damage; it's advisable that people clump together before Ice Tomb is cast, so the party can hide behind a sizable wall of entombed players without having to risk running around in the open.

Planning ahead will make Ice Tomb a boon rather than a problem.

Once the bombs have gone off, the frozen players need to be DPS'd until the tombs break. Staying frozen after the Frost Bombs will cause health to start draining. Break the tombs, free the players, and heal them up before getting back into the fight. After Sindragosa drops four bombs, she'll come back down onto the ground, starting the first phase of the fight again. This cycle will continue until she only has 30% HP left.

Phase Three: Grounded Again

Once she has been whittled down to 30% health, Sindragosa will stop flying and stay on the ground permanently. Her Permeating Chill from the first phase will still be in effect here. Ice Tomb will still be a problem, but she won't fly into the air and drop Frost Bombs anymore.

No, the problem now is Mystic Buffet.
This is a debuff she'll cast every six seconds to anyone in her line of sight, and it should be removed as quickly and as often as possible, because it stacks. Frozen players still need to be DPS'd out of their Ice Tombs so they can contribute damage to Sindragosa before her Enrage timer goes off.


This third phase will take the longest time; not because of any specifically devastating attacks the dragon has, but because of how many distractions she can throw at you. Healers and DPS players are the key to this fight, since the main difficulty is dealing enough damage to Sindragosa before ten minutes is up.