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'I Pity the FOOL' Fun! (Wednesday, April 1, 2015)

EM Aumakua

UO Event Moderator
UO Event Moderator
Stratics Veteran
ZiggyMer spent the night before his special April Foolery event snickering and constantly repeating the phrase "Mez pity da fools!" All I could do was shake my head and let him enjoy his fantasy world.

What could possibly go wrong when all he had planned was 'fishing at the pond' located outside the Hedge Maze in Britain. So, I decided to take some personal time and go food shopping. ZiggyMer really does like fish head soup and fish bone crackers.
He can't seem to get enough ... his hunger does cost me a pretty shilling!

The plan was to meet with the group after the playtime party so all should be quiet .. but when I was in the fish market I began to receive the following snapshots of what was going on ...

Fishing looked good except it seems some sea serpent friends of ZiggyMer's showed up but were quickly shown the 'sea' ...

after the players were dry again they were told to head into the maze and follow the blue shiny crystals ...

Zigs was caught chatting with one of his large winged friends and quickly ran off to find the other party members ...

more and more these 'special' playmates were showing up along the maze until

a fish laying out in the open was found and although the 'playmate' guarded the area the group wanted to join in the game ...

and the games were on!!

Around ever corner more party playmates were appearing ...

every shape, size,

and color were appearing before their eyes ...

Again ZiggyMer was seen talking with some blue being then scampered off laughing once more while singing 'Mez pity da fools!"

I rushed back to the hall with the hope that all survived the April Foolery Party and was greeted by laughter, giggles and snickers of what fun they had with ZiggyMer.
He was no where around but I suspect he is curled up with his stuffed red bear and dreaming up another fun adventure with his favorite playmates.


Many thanks to Advisor Pangu for the snapshots!
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