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I need your help Lake Superior!


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Hello everyone! As some may know, I've been working on building Stratics wiki, especially the rares database, for the past six years. At this point, I've *almost* seen every last rare item in the game (roughly 12,685), but there's still 221 I've not been able to find, and then there's some where the info is still a bit lacking.

That's where I need your help! For the ones I'm still looking for, if you can tell me where to look, I'll go grab the info I need in game. However, some of these last items are on banned or inactive accounts; if you even have a screenshot of any of them, please post it! For weapons and armor, even if you don't have a picture, but can help with the props for the item, that too would be helpful.

Items I'm still searching for (to see, not to buy):

Items I've found,but need info on:

Unknown type, unknown year
Seer items with unknown year:
152 degrees 3 minutes South 31 degrees 25 minutes East
A Bottle Of Yew Summerwine
A full bottle of Hurrek's House Ale.
A Gold Skeleton Key
A Jewel Encrusted Axe: As You Examine The Axe You Notice A Faint Bluish Glow Surrounding The Weapon.
A Piece of Black Rock
A Ruby Key
A Spear Of The Undead
An Hourglass With The Words, “Vas An Nox,” Etched Into The Glass
Bone Dagger
Burned Skull
Catapult Stones
Chip Turquoise Bracelet
Crystalline Blackrock
Dark Staff: This Staff Is Solid To The Touch, Yet Moves And Flows Under Your Grasp. (blessed)
Death Spider Silk
Enchanted Lute
First Place, First Britannian Games
Glistening Shapes Shine Through The Dull Glass Of The Tubes
Halberd of Justice
Hammer of Ogon
Jade Harp
Len Uy
Magic Cell Key
Magic Hair Tonic
Magic Hair Tonic
Orcish Bow : Looking At This Crudely Constructed Bow Of Multiple Sticks And Twine You Find It To Be Extremely Well Balanced.
Piece of an Evil Idol
Ring of Soulette The Dark
Rytal's Magic Tome
Scimitar of Corridgean
Second Place!! First Annual House Decorating Contest..."Lady Lyllitha"
Second Place, First Britannian Games
Ship Model: Scratched Into The Wood "I Drown Daily To Keep You From Drifting Away^, I Now Rest Now In Britain." 60 O
Silver Wristwatch
Spirit Blade (blessed)
Spirit Vial: Strange Magic Symbols Adorn This Glass Container.
Syrem's Razor
The Fabric Flows Like Water On This Magic Robe
The Obbinblade
Third Place, First Britannian Games
This Contains A Strange Glowing Powder
Viking Sword of the Undead (blessed)
Worn In Loving Memory Of Simon
Wristlet of Soulette The Dark
You See Magic Symbols Cover This Glowing Robe. (blessed)
EM items with unknown year:
Other items with unknown year:
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