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I need your help Baja!


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Hello everyone! As some may know, I've been working on building Stratics wiki, especially the rares database, for the past six years. At this point, I've *almost* seen every last rare item in the game (roughly 12,685), but there's still 221 I've not been able to find, and then there's some where the info is still a bit lacking.

That's where I need your help! For the ones I'm still looking for, if you can tell me where to look, I'll go grab the info I need in game. However, some of these last items are on banned or inactive accounts; if you even have a screenshot of any of them, please post it! For weapons and armor, even if you don't have a picture, but can help with the props for the item, that too would be helpful.

For the items I have seen, but where info is lacking, if you can help fill in/correct the missing year (or type) for any of them, that'd be quite helpful.

Items I'm still searching for (to see, not to buy):

Items I've found,but need info on:

Unknown type, unknown year:
Seer items with unknown year:
EM items with unknown year:

More info needed:

In season 2009, 20+ "uniquely colored books" were reported to have been given out. No other information is available.

In season 2007, six different "A Broken Summoning Crystal"s were given. Only the names of 4 are known:
  1. A Broken Summoning Crystal - ANIN
  2. A Broken Summoning Crystal - BEH
  3. A Broken Summoning Crystal - JUKS
  4. A Broken Summoning Crystal - KAH
  5. A Broken Summoning Crystal - ?
  6. A Broken Summoning Crystal - ?
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