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I may have been hacked.


Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Arr, me ol' Shipmates!

Bad news, I just got word from Origin which says that my email address has been changed. As I haven't logged into any Origin page (at least until now, which confirmed my account/password have been changed), I assume someone else did it.

Worse news, I don't have the time or energy to try to fix it. I haven't logged in in more than 3 months, and had no plans on returning any time soon.

Since I have all my characters in UP, I suggest you axe them all from the roster.
These are:
Aneirin, Farsight, Path, Dedigan, Kei Wa, Mien (have to look way back for that one), Miep (again, way back), Grol Darkeye and possibly Kejiel.

At the very least, kick Aneirin, Farsight and Path from the stone.

And if you see "me" in game, don't trust me!
I'll try to get in touch with you via other means later today.


Stratics Veteran
Argggggg, That is bad news Aneirin. In any advent Ahoy There!
I saw da message yesterday, and took care of your concerns. I hope you reconsider returning to UO. The United Pirates have finally started to pick up again. We are having adventures several times a week.

I sent a mesaage to you by other means that explains more of what is going on.
Long live da United Pirates. I'll drink to dat!