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I have returned


I've been gone for a long time a lot has changed since back then. I played from 1997 to 2004. Sad part is I couldn't get my original account back but it's ok a fresh start is good. Anyone one have any tips for the new stuff? I'm working on my crafter ATM so I can get stuff easier then buying.

Captn Norrington

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Welcome back to UO! :)

There is quite a lot of new stuff, so it's hard to give general tips for it all heh. A good way to make gold these days is to farm legendary artifacts to sell, or farm items from the Shadowguard roof in Eodon once your character is developed.

Here is a good resource for returning players to see what has been added: A Summary for Returning Players – Ultima Online

You can always post any questions you have here on Stratics too, the community is usually happy to answer them. Uhall would get the most responses: UHall