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I finally did it...



I finally resubbed with the special $9.99/mo pricing...oh, my guildies are so happy to have me return.

I'm Lagoin on Brandywine.

Did I miss anything? I quit around June-ish.


Stratics' Finest
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Welcome back to Middle-earth! I am quite sure you will have a blast with all the new content that has been added since you left. As well, you have Mines of Moria content to look forward to now, which is due to release November 18th, just around the corner!!

I'm on Landroval, so if you ever visit, give me a holler.

*Orvago bows*

Finnbarr Galedeep

Wow congrats!

We'll the festival's were pretty nice. I just about lost my nerve trying to catch all those dag blam fish...Oh! Were you here when they had the Rubberbanding issues and they had to shut down all the servers about 50 times withen abotu 2 weeks? You missed that i know...*gets nudged*...Oh good things....Moria?!?*grins*