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Hunting Zombies...with Twinkies!




Hello again.

I've recently invented a twinkie gun. Yes, a twinkie gun. It's just a fun little toy for the enjoyment of my SL friends. However, I've learned that this twinkie gun can kill zombies! So much fun! Katheryne and I recently went on a hunt with our twinkie guns. I have several cool snapshots to post, but for now I'll just give you a few little thumbnails. Be patient, kiddies. You'll get your zombie-exploding fun soon enough.





Well, it's later. Time for those pictures. :D

This is Zombie Valley, an abandoned military base now crawling with hordes of walking, flesh-eating corpses. Join us, won't you?

Here's Kat, nonchalantly strolling through the zombie wasteland. She's as brave as she is beautiful.

You just have to have the murky shot through the dingy window.

Those twinkie guns cause a lot of carnage, don't they?

Before heading down the spooky tunnel, we replenished our health with a health station straight out of Half-Life. Pretty good work, actually. It even had the same sounds as the health stations in the original game.

A bridge to...somewhere.

Man, that was a close one. Good thing Kat was there to watch my back.

I, uh, don't remember how this happened. I must have blacked out for a while.

Kat found a more powerful weapon. Unfortunately, it was stationary, and we couldn't take it with us.

Payphones, soda, and flesh-eating zombies. Convenience defined!

Now it's my turn to protect Kat. This is why you should never hunt zombies alone.

This is one of the nicer rooms in that abandoned roadhouse. What was in the other rooms besides zombies? You don't want to know.

Well, there you have it. We had a pretty fun time blowing away zombies with that twinkie gun. If you want a twinkie gun of your own, it's just five linden dollars on Xstreet.