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Hunting plans


Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I have no specific time line in mind, but here is a list of things I want to take y'all to:
1. Shimmering Effusion - I recently discovered that, if you can actually get the keys, the SE is fairly easy for the right group. Get your mages trained up for this one!
2. Ilshenar Champ spawns - This is a precursor to my idea #3.
3. Felucca Champ spawns - I'm not sure how effective we'll be there, but losing a spawn doesn't really matter to me much anyway (as long as I get my pound of flesh along the way). We can talk about this one later.
4. Return trips to the Monstrous Grizzle, Travesty, Melisande and Dread Horn. For the group, I had a lot of fun during our last Dread Horn (see Pike's adventure, "Really big things"
5. Medusa - Nearly any group can handle Medusa. I'm surprised we haven't done it more as a group yet.

I also want to continue the quest we started of "melee everything we can find." with the possible exclusion of certain peerless (Travesty and Grizzle come to mind) which makes melee fighting extremely difficult. Killing the Slasher with melee, while not good for the insurance (until we turned it off), was very fun.

Other notes:
In April, if my schedule allows it, I'll likely run a few events. I'm thinking repeat events such as another insult contest and a shipwrecked hunt.

One weekend I'm busy with Easter (will still make the market), another I'm busy with a real life event, so I can likely only run two pre-scheduled events.

In the mean time, any time you see me (Grol, Dedigan and Aneirin are my "mains" lately), I'm happy to do ... pretty much anything.

Schuyler Bain

Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
All sounds like fun indeed. I am still getting in the groove at my new job, but will do my best to make a few if not all.


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Well, last night Kel Wyn, Aneirin and me went Dragon hunting. It was fun! We started with Greater Dragons, then visited the Shadow Wyrm, and after successfully defeating a couple of those we felt confident enough to face the Ancient Wyrm. The three of us had a lot of fun, but we thought that it was time for a bigger challenge. That's when Aneirin suggested to slay Rikktor. Both Kel Wyn and me never had fought Rikktor before, so we traveled to Felucca and completed the Champion Spawn. Our team work was very good, we had a blast, and each of us picked up about 60,000 gold coins and a couple of 110 and 115 power scrolls. The adventure soon will be posted on UO Travelogues.

I must say, I love my Mage/Spellweaver template for hunting. I only can recommend these skills to any serious monster hunter. (110 Magery, 110 Spellweaving, 110 Eval Int, 110 Meditation, 110 Wrestling, 100 Magic Resistance, 70 Focus).
My suit is Mana-optimized, i.e. 40 Lower Mana Cost (maximum) and 13 Mana Regeneration, so I hardly ever run out of mana. Of course all resists are 70 or close to. Add my 20+ Spell Damage Increase and my faster casting/recovery from my jewelry, and I am the nightmare of every monster.
I always carry all slayer/super-slayer spell books in my backpack for being able to double the damage. The handy Enhanced Client macros allow me to switch spellbooks with a single mouse-click. I am using custom icons for the hotbar, so I can easily determine the different slayer books.

It took me 3 years to put together this equipment, but thanks to imbuing it is much easier today. The normal slayer spellbooks can be made with little effort by any skilled scribe. Most of my spellbooks I found in the bags left behind by training scribes in New Haven. The new stains even allow us to dye the spellbooks (I chose orange for slayers and green for super slayers).


Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
That was indeed quite a fun evening.

Other things pirates have done this week:
1. Chevy and Aneirin/Farsight have camped Navery
2. Again with Chevy and myself (Dedigan this time)- completed Ilshenar/Valor spawn (Baracoon)
3. Same cast of characters plus Pike - Killed Dread Horn (me-as-Grol)
4. Same cast plus another guild - Killed Medusa repeatedly
5. Farsight and Chevy (well, Chevy's archer, Elaina) - Killed Monstrous Interred Grizzle

I also killed Dread Horn alone once yesterday since nobody else was on. It's much more fun with other people to help!

Since the role play activities are at a seasonal low, I've been focusing my time on killing really big things. Hopefully people will start streaming back to Olympus and Aegis and Everthorne soon so I can start up my roleplay rounds again.

If we get a decent crew on over the weekend, I'd like to see if we can't beat up the Shimmering Effusion as well.