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How would you guys build this greater?


Screenshot (2).png

Just tamed this 4 slot greater for my archer tamer and am kinda stuck on how i should build him up. I'll just be using him for things like Navrey, Miasma, and maybe a champ spawn if i ever find a guild. Just want a cool tame for a char i just intend to have fun with, not at all optimized, just a toon to enjoy UO.


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Next time go to planner. Then Save Planner with a name. Copy and paste the link here:

Saved Planner | uo-cah.com

Then ppl can put numbers in easier.

Wow those things have high intel.

Id put the poor thing out of its misery. But I do hate Flappys.


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I think I’d start with something like this to even out the base GD.

Saved Planner | uo-cah.com

You’d still have 174 points to play with. I don’t think I’d scroll this pet with 118 wrestling and 103 tactics since you will leave it Magery or Magery Mastery. If not scrolls, I’d probably put this into hit points with any extra points into mana.