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[Tailoring] How would you approach making the ultimate necro mage armor set?


I just started playing again and have a few hundred million left over from when I quit years ago. I have some familiarity with the crafting/imbuing systems, but not enough to get started on making an awesome set of armor.

What non-craftables are considered mandatory?

Whats the process for making the best set possible after that? Start with regular leather, powder, imbue, enhance? Does anyone have any ridiculously good suits of crafted armor that they'd like to share pictures of or stats to aim for?

The Doctor

Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
To make a suit at this point I think for a mage template is easy. Plenty of Legendary artifacts for mages for sale not to expensive with high resist. I wouldn't bother making pieces of regular leather first for imbue because without the enhancing tool from store you will most likely blow it up. So make of type of material that gives the most desired resist, powder, imbue. Combine some crafted with two legendary arties should have enough resist there for sure. Now if you pvp you want a piece with damage eater on it at least. You might check on the spellcaster forums as well laying out your template and if you are pvp or pve. The casters there will be able to help if you are going pve and trying to max sdi, whereas pvp has the spell damage cap of 15 for necro mage and 30 for pure mage. There are others who no more about it than I. Goodluck on your quest for knowledge...