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How to Submit your transmog for The Rate The Transmog Series!

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So you want to show off your transmog huh? Well now is your chance and you can win a prize for doing it! Awesome I know.

The first step is creating an account on the forums and then heading to the WoW Transmog Forum, after that click the Post New Thread button on the top right. Enter a title for your transmog and select a Prefix (A prefix is basically a category, in this case if you are submitting a Plate set then select the Plate prefix.)

In the posts text box insert a small description about you or the transmog, a link to your armory and finally embed a few screenshots of your transmog into the post.

That is it! Keep an eye out on WoW.Stratics.Com to see if your transmog is featured and if you have been selected to win!

The Transmog Thread is also a place to get feedback on your transmog if you want to improve it or see what others think so try to give constructive feedback on a persons transmog rather then something purely negative and have fun!
Not open for further replies.