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How to get Dragon Turtle Armor recipe?

Sinder Shayde

Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
inquiring minds would like to know.
Dragon Turtle Armor

  • Dragon Turtle Armor crafting recipes are now available as drops from creatures in the Valley of Eodon
  • New Armor Set – Darden’s Armor
    • Mana Increase 15
    • Lower Mana Cost 20%
    • Myrmidex Slayer
    • Self Repair 3
    • Kinetic Eater 8%
    • Strength Bonus 16
    • Lower Reagent Cost 15%
    • Physical Resist 15%
    • Fire Resist 15%
    • Cold Resist 15%
    • Poison Resist 15%
    • Energy Resist 15%

    Publish 91 – Ultima Online


The Enchanter
Stratics Veteran
Campaign Patron
Is the Darden's armor set the only thing you can craft from the recipe?


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Darden's armor set are pieces that drop in your backpack when killing mobs in Eodon. You cannot craft them. There are also recipes that drop in your pack to make Tiger or Turtle Armor, but these are not set pieces. You can craft them with Normal Armor if you want to reforge a property on them and then imbue them but then you can't enhance them with Colored Leather or you can craft them with colored leather and imbue them but you can't reforge them.


Queen of The Outlaws
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Campaign Patron
You need a recipe for each kind of piece. You need tiger pelt and leather to craft the tiger armor and to craft the turtle atmor, you need Dragon Turtle Scute.
Tailor Craftables – Ultima Online
look for recipe needed: Yes (ToL)

  • Clothes
    • Jester Shoes
    • Chef’s Toque
    • Gilded Kilt
    • Checkered Kilt
    • Fancy Kilt
    • Flowered Dress
    • Evening Gown
  • Armor
    • Tiger Pelt Chest
    • Tiger Pelt Bustier
    • Tiger Pelt Leggings
    • Tiger Pelt Shorts
    • Tiger Pelt Long Skirt
    • Tiger Pelt Skirt
    • Tiger Pelt Helm
    • Tiger Pelt Collar
    • Dragon Turtle Chest
    • Dragon Turtle Bustier
    • Dragon Turtle Leggings
    • Dragon Turtle Arms
    • Dragon Turtle Helm


Stratics Veteran
Recipe for Dragon Turtle & Tiger pelt armor peices drops to you backpack for killing mobs in Eodon.
But, its still useless in craft (except for some RP action) cannont bee enhanced.


Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Yeah, being unable to enhance the pieces makes them pretty much useless.

@Kyronix any chance of getting this fixed?