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How do you play?


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Hi everytoon! I was about to sign in to Toontown today and thought of a question. When you play Toontown, is it always the same toon?

Currently I am going back and forth between my monkey, Rhesus Pieces, in DDL and my bear, Cross-Eyed Gladly Bear, in MML. I tire easily of doing the same thing for a long time, and the monkey right now has to defeat a large number of cogs to get his remaining laff points and his gags are maxxed. When I get bored with him I switch to the bear, lots of running for tasks, leveling up on gags, and moving on to the next neighborhood. Then I get frustrated with him being so low laff, low level gags, and all the running that I'll switch back to the monkey. It goes on and on.

When it all gets very monotonous, I pop over to Test and work on my new duck, Citrine Duck, who is still in TTC. I should really name her...


Stratics Veteran
I usually switch between two toons. Hollywood Hearts, which is my cute little black kitten.. she is 128 laff and I'm so fed up with working my Lawbot suit. It's pretty pathetic on my part also, because she is a level 43 Big Wig! My other toon that I play on is a royal blue duck named Whatevah Floatzurboat. She's only 111 laff and needing the 5500 for Sellbot..


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I play 3 accounts. If I want to work on ceo I play Prof. Bingo Snorkelhopper he maxed vp cfo and cj.