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How do you make these things?

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Is there a tutorial somewhere that explains how to build these things? I'd love to have one.


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Looks like parastitic plants from lumberjacking, gnarled staves, crafted and looted since reversed. Some nightshade, and grapes? lol Tribal berries and oragami butterflies too. lol

You could do it two ways, easiest way i'd say is to build a support walls on the first floor, and add flooring on the second, go to customize and delete the floor and fix the supports to what you want visable.

Second way, You could build a goza platform with stairs and do it that way and just chop after you build it.


There is a discussion in this thread on various techniques on how to place a variety of objects and manipulate gozas. Do a find for the word "pergola" to jump right to that example in Miss Echo's description of the lattice style roof/grape arbor in the pic.

She brought up a point that that while you can craft the gnarled staves, they will only face in 1 direction. You will also need staves obtained as monster loot to get the opposing direction. (NOTE: before you go to a lot of trouble, double check first to make sure you can't turn the staff with the deco tool after locking it down. I spent a great deal of time getting monster looted bows for opposing direction for a deco project, because it never worked when I tried to turn other weapons, then someone told me the bows could in fact be turned!)



Wow. That's pretty. I may have to try that if I move from my tower to a keep (just got offered a keep soooo stopping the tower decorating for now.