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How do you fund your trade deals?


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Greetings fellow governors!

I am Morgan Ironfist from Siege, and I have been governor of New Magincia since day 1 (when the governors were implemented into the game).
Since that day the Assassin's trade Deal (SSI 5) has been running non-stop.
I have a broker in New Magincia that sells and buys imbuing ingredients. Furthermore I organize Champ hunts or go onto the roof and sell a drop or two to fund the trade deal.
I get generous donations from my citizen since they know I keep the trade deal up....

What do you do to fund yours?


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Occasional donations from myself or others, plus several of us regularly do trade orders to try to complete the various collections. I've got about 15 different signs and a full set of the city books on my main, and several of my fellow governors and I have other characters that are citizens of each other's cities, that occasionally run trade orders to help out each other. The only reason LA's Yew had the chance for a tree this year is that 3 of us ran trade orders to get it over the minimum funds.

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Moonglow Baja has the support via trade missions to keep trade deals going every week. It's hard to know how many people are doing them since we don't have access to that info. Prior to March, 2017 there were a total of 275 trade deals done. Since that time (I became Gov and started tracking) another 3,000 trade missions have been done. For a small shard such as Baja that's substantial. I do know that most of them have been done by one citizen who simply enjoys doing them. But I also do them and a few others do them too. Again, it's hard to know, since we don't have access to the information but I think someone donates gold.

Also the Govs will help other Govs that try to keep a trade deal going. I also know that there are Govs that drop significant amounts of gold into the coffers.

Once in a while, in game, I'll ask if there are any citizens on that want a title. When I find out who a citizen is I'll ask them what they want for a trade deal and typically they all want one of two deals so I rotate the deals every other week. People seem fine with that.

When I first started doing trade missions a year ago often I would joke around in GC asking why the Magincia Gov needed so many leather shorts, studded bustiers etc. It was fun, people responded and started asking about what I was doing. Other Govs started doing the same and the banter became a source of entertainment. Many people had no idea about the awards you could get. That seemed to get things going.
I am on my second term as Governor of Vesper on Lake Austin. I have donated funds, ran trade orders and had donations from citizens. I dare say its rather hard to fully support each city at times but we keep at it and so far, Vesper continues to thrive.


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I usually donate funds to my city coffers and for other cities that I gather from selling drops I get from all the hunting I do for very cheap.


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Riding Tide seems to be good for it. Just collect some crates from orc pirates , merchant ships or plunderbeacons and turn them into whichever town needs treasury gold.

Although this may end soon ?
June starts the next quest . a revamped treasure map hunting experience


Yerg da cratez yooz git frum da Plunderbeakunz gib yoo 10 mil fur yooz town. Yooz cood alzo do Aucshunz n hab idemz donated to sell den yooz all dat gold fur yooz town. N mez da gobenor ub Magincia on Chezzy. Ip yooz skip doing dem da rite way Magincia iz wun ub da qwikezt trade order yoozin da mewngate,But fur da time being. Naitch iz rite. Da cratez frum da pie rat stupp iz perdy umazin fur stockin cofferz.
Wun ub da udder gobenorz did uh ebent dat supplied all da cannonz n such fur blowin stupp ub n all da cratez fur dat nite wuz donated for gold. 3 hourz ub dat ebent gained ruffly 200 mil per town.