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How Do I rid myself of the moving crate?



I dropped my tower and placed a 18sq on New Years Eve. I got all the chests moved in yesterday. Today after searching for 3 items without finding them I saw that the moving crate had some items in it. I moved the crate thinking that is what I had to do to open it. Now that the crate is on the plot how do I get rid of it? This is probably a dumb question but I haven't used a moving crate before so I don't know how to get rid of it.
I hope in a day or two at the most I can post a picture of my new digs.


If you've removed all of your items from the crate...

double click on any empty gold boxes inside the crate (as if you were opening them) and they should disappear.

once the last gold box is gone the crate should auto-poof itself.

if it's completely empty and still sticking around then i'm lost as to ideas.

=) hope thats useful.


That worked terrific Thanks! I was afraid to do anything for fear I would destroy it permanently.


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Even if there's items inside it should disappear after like 2 minutes.