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How did I end up in Khaldun Dungeon from Trammel (near Yew)?!?


I left the game a few years ago, and logged back in on a whim last week...my account is listed as "free-to-play", and so I have a lot of restrictions...but haven't decided yet whether I want to spend time/money to regain all I lost by letting the subscription expire. So I've been wandering around, trying to revive my interest in the game, and relearn mechanics, etc., blah, blah, blah...to the point:

Last night I found a small 'ruins' at approx. 27.46N/52.56W (south-east of Yew) with a small hole in the ground. On my computer it looked like a glitch with graphics because there was no door, hatch, ladder, or anything...just black nothingness...I cursored over it to see if the cursor would have a tool-tip or something -- nothing...so I clicked on the black area/spot and got teleported underground to a cellar-type room with corpses of some sort of 'cultists'...in the corner is black section of the screen with the label "Rune Inscribed Stone" (or words to that effect -- I failed to take notes)...again it looked like glitch with graphics as there was nothing there just pure black nothing...clicking that transported me into "Khaldun Dungeon", which I've never heard of before. I was dead within less than a minute.

After wandering for about 10 minutes as a ghost I'm not finding any way to resurrect so I resort to searching for information on the internet and find that I must locate one of two spots where I can 'zone out' of the dungeon, and then I end up in "The Lost Lands" -- another place I've never been and know nothing about. So over 30-minutes after I was killed I finally find a Healer and resurrect...and have no clue how to get back to the dungeon other than to get out of "The Lost Lands" and back to the ruins near Yew (only entrance I currently know of to that dungeon)...but I'm thinking "Why bother...it has been too long since I died so my corpse is no longer there waiting for me to reclaim all my stuff..." ...at that point I was so angry and frustrated that I was milliseconds from uninstalling the game.

According to this page:
Khaldun – Ultima Online
this dungeon only exists on Felucca.
So how did I get there while exploring near Yew, on Trammel? Why is there a hole in the ground with nothing to give an unsuspecting, or uneducated player any forewarning about what lies ahead...from what I saw of the mobs (and there were dozens and dozens) that dungeon seems like it's designed for high-end players.

It seems, in my opinion, that there should be 'something' there to let the unwary know they are entering a dungeon...and once I was in there, there was no way to retreat back the way I came in. If you look at the page I linked above, and scroll down towards bottom there is a map of the dungeon -- the place I appeared after clicking on the black 'Rune Inscribed Stone' was right next to the red tentacle-covered thing on the far right side upper corner of the map...only way out is the two yellow x's at upper top edge of that map...how would a low-skilled, poorly equipped player get out of that? But the way that entrance I found in those ruins is designed there's nothing to give any indication of what it's for or where it leads to. I sent in a 'bug-report' and the response was basically "Thanks for report...have a nice day..."

Don't know what the point of this post was/is...other than as a way for me to vent. I have little expectation anything will be changed to prevent others from ending up there unintentionally if they are exploring as I was.

Are all "dungeons" unmarked at their entrances in this game? Every time I come across a "hole in the ground" or a cave or some other sort of hatch/door/ladder does it usually lead to a dungeon designed for groups or end-game players?


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I went to those coordinates on Sonoma and found the ruins but nothing else you described is there. Must be specific to your shard.


The description in original post is for Napa Valley shard, sorry for omitting that information. Checked on Pacific shard this morning and the ruins are in same spot, but there is no entrance leading down into the ground, similar to result indicated by Maldar for Sonoma shard.


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Bsrlin, the Trammel version of Khaldun was added last year as well for an event.

This sounds like an event moderator "leftover" specific to your shard, that could have gone to either shard.

While some people are enamored of event leftovers, I personally think that most of them should be cleaned up, unless there's a solid reason to leave them. We have things cluttering up Lake Austin from 2004-2005 events, let alone more recent ones, and a lot of the stuff that should have been removed gets totally missed when an EM leaves and a new one comes in.