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How about 'STOP MULTIBOXER'???


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Usually when I see comments like that from a developer, EM etc. I just assume it was phrased badly and they didn't realize the difference between multiboxing and having more than one account logged in like Mesanna's famous "win any way you want to win" comment.... however in this case that does appear to be a pretty clear message saying that they truly do not care if people cheat or not anymore.

It seems like the really simple and obvious solution at this point since the devs no longer care about cheats, is to simply remove the "cheats are illegal" part from the rules and allow anyone to use whatever programs they want. It's not cheating anymore if it's legal, so might as well let everyone have a fair chance at doing it legally instead of this ridiculous "it's technically against the rules but we are going to just pretend we don't see all this cheating" thing that's been going on for years.
My response was geared towards the question of what my thoughts were on people with multiple accounts (multi-clienting) logging in and doing what the poster suggested, waiting for another group to finish the gauntlet then just piling on the DF for chances at an artifact. The conversation was within the context of the farmability of the artifacts, and the resulting impacts of those items flooding the market and decreasing the lifespan of the content. I wasn't addressing multiboxing at all, that question has been answered at several Meet & Greets over the past months.