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Home: An OOC Message from The Hand

Omen Tailamont

Stratics Veteran
Rick (Mikael), James (Omen) and Evan (Malakai) would like to take a second to thank the Catskills role playing community. We had several conversations prior to our (re)arrival within the lands of Sosaria regarding whether the "time" of guilds like The Hand had come and gone in Ultima Online. We debated on whether or not the Cats community would accept or, really, even wanted guys like us around anymore. All of those doubts have since been dispelled within the past three weeks as the community has graciously opened themselves back up to our lowly group of thugs and allowed us to begin to carve out a place within our home again. Home. I know that I am not alone when I say that I finally do feel like I am home again. Over the past ten years, I- and I know Rick and Evan as well- have certainly had fun with other video games, however, nothing has ever felt like it did role playing in Yew all of those years ago. We have had more fun gaming over the past three weeks then in the past ten years- and, so, for that, we- from the bottom of our cold, black, dead hearts- thank all of you from the community that have been willing to embrace our rag-tag group of narcissistic, egocentric megalomaniacs.

The support- really- has gone so far above and beyond what I think any of us ever expected- not only a willingness to help develop stories for the "bad guys" but, from- seriously- a ridiculous amount of material support (power scrolls, house deco items, armor...) as well as helping us fill in the gaps in our knowledge from a (for some of us) 10+ year absence from the game.

Again, we can't begin to describe the humility and joy we feel at this community and what you all have done to welcome us home.

Very Respectfully,

James "Omen Tailamont"
Rick "Mikael D'Amavir"
Evan "Malakai"
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