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Mystic Princess

Lots of fun doing the Halloween collection :) for all levels you can hunt mobs to get drops and find lots of goodies on the way, sweets cakes and other candy items that turn you into a load of creatures such as giant cockroaches, skellies and more well worth the look, bet isle of dawn drops it all as well.


Loads of fun and the masks are huge and really funky the ghool looks like a rubber mask :)

Thumbs up VG :)

Mystic Princess

All my drops came from the elfs' up at Elani dead bog, near the itchy's..

Moonie did however have drops of the masks from the undead druid grove in Thestra, but only again off the elfs not the undead.

Good luck :) looks like live humanioids happy hunting and whooooo whoooo *mutters in a ghostly voice*

We are doing an APW run fully masked and morphed to celebrate, should be some interesting deaths :) :)