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Holiday good will


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Two older men wander the village of kijustsu anei accepting donations of toys for the children of tokuno orphanage for the holidays. As they finnish up taking in the donations one of the men suggests they take a short cut away from the road, saying it will save them a few minutes of walking. They both head towards the forest and continue walking. After traveling for a few minutes two scruffy men in ripped up, tattered leather armor, and very beat up weapons jump out of the bushes infront of the two older men and point their weapons at them. "Drop those bags you old geezers!" one of the men says. "These bags are full of toys for orphans! There is nothing of interest in these bags for you!" one of the older man states. "Oh quiet! thieves need gifts too for the holidays! hand em over!" the man yells as he smacks one of the older men with the larger bag of toys upside the head. The old man drops the bag and falls to the ground clutching his bloody head. The other old man still standing looks nervous and eyes the other men "How dare you boys! You obviously dont know the meaning of the holidays. I feel sorry for you-". The other older man suddenly has a sword pointing at his throat. he drops his bag and both bags of toys are snatched up quickly. "Hah! you we're right. That was pretty easy. Look at all of this useless junk..." the other man sifts through the bag. Suddenly out of nowhere two black cloaked figures appear behind the two guys and both are quickly grabbed around the neck. The main one's throat is quickly slit. "No! No! No! He made me do this! I didn-" The other exclaims panicedly before his throat is also slit. The two cloaked ones drop the corpses and one of them smirks and looks down at the sacks of toys "I take it those belong to you two old timers, eh?..." "Y-y-y-yes. Yes those are ours, For the orphans!" the injured man blurts out quickly. The cloaked figures toss the bags at the old men. "Get out of here. You obviously chose the wrong shortcut...". The two cloaked figures disapear into the forest and the old men grab their bags and run as fast as they can back to the main road and get back to the orphanage with toys for all of the orphans.
Happy Holidays from Youkaiko