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Hi all Europans! Cludus Krevil here, back in the game!


Hi all, my name is Sam / Cludus Krevil, I'm 35 and I have played UO for the first time in 1998 and played it to obsession! Had a hiatus of a few years, now am back and glad to be!

I'm in Europa, keen PvMer and keen keen rplayer!

Since so much has changed, and I'm getting acquainted to this game again as if I had never played it before, can someone please point me to the direction of a good set of templates/builds for PvM and dungeon running? I was thinking to reprise my role as the wandering solo druid (aka: a bard!) but also keen on trying a pure necro-summoner build, but so far the latter has given me all but success T__T any guides etc would be fantastic! I'm not a keen hibrid build player, so what I was reading about "sampires" doesn't really strike my interest :(

Captn Norrington

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Welcome back to UO! :)

This is the forum which would contain the information about templates etc. for each playstyle: Ultima Online (UO) Professions

There are lots of knowledgeable posters there who can help you out.


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Welcome back to Europa, a number of the players help players get back to speed. Check the west Brit bank area for them. Thier might be some keep spaces avail in trammel but have ask players for help possible,