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Help with my Archer template


So, I returned after many years away (probably 18?) and I wanted to be an archer, and went with magery since I knew the spells and how to use them.

But, I’ve since learned that arxhery and magery may not compliment as well as archery and chivalry.

So, what do I do to optimize?

One more thing, I like to, and need to have a decent hiding skill, maybe 50 or so.

Currently something like this:
120 archery
101 tactics
101 anatomy
50 chivalry
30 magery
50 hiding
100 resist
(I’m clearly forgetting something, sorry it’s late)

Where should I go from here?


Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Your basic skills are 120 Archery, 100 Tactics, Anatomy, Healing, and Chivalry. After those, you can have Focus or Resist. Substitute Focus for Hiding if you want. You don’t need Margery.

DreadLord Lestat

Forum Moderator
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Social Media Liaison
Wiki Moderator
Chiv will allow you to heal, remove curses, sacred journey (like recall), and rez people (drops your health to extremely low) so no need for magery. You can always use +15magery ring/bracelet and mark scrolls when you want to mark locations and switch back when done marking. You can add Bushido (ABC Archer), and go all 120s or 120 chiv and archery, gm the others and put the rest into focus (extra MR). You can also drop resist and add music and discord. There are many things. I run ABC and Discord Archers. I have a tamer/chiv-archer as well.


The Enchanter
Stratics Veteran
Campaign Patron
30 Magery isn't doing anything for you. I would re-allocate those points to Chivalry (or Hiding depending on your success rate with 50). At that point, you will have a pretty effective build once you get your playstyle down.

Kylie Kinslayer

Grand Poobah
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
So, I returned after many years away (probably 18?)
50 chivalry
With you being gone that long quite a few changes have happened... one of the main ones that will impact your temp is the Chilvary skill is now a determining factor of how powerful some of the buffs are. Back when you played last it was mainly Karma that was used to impact the buffs.

Definitely need to take that into account imho.



Seasoned Veteran
Personally I'd dump magery and hiding and add 80 bushido for the mana cost reduction on specials and for perfection. Have you ever read up on the ABC archer build?
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