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Help with macro EC


JUst started using EC and im trying to make macro's but can t get them to work
Im trying to make a macro to unequip current weapon drink a pot then reequip my weapon can i do this in EC?
Trying to make one for cure,heal and refresh tried multiple diff ways but cant seem to get them to work. Can anyone help a EC newb out,thanks

Petra Fyde

Peerless Chatterbox
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
first you need 'equipment' and the 'unequip' action, select the hand you want to unequip. Then a small delay (under 'other', next put the pot you want to drink in the macro and set it 'target >self'. Another small delay, then 'equip last weapon'.

This page also may be helpful Creating Macros – Ultima Online