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[Imbuing] Heavy Crossbow, Imbuing weight in gump looks too high


Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Earth Elemental Slayer = 110
HCI 25 = 130
SSI 30 = 110
DI 40 = 80

Adds up to 430, Imbuing gump says 515 ? HCI, SSI, and DI were already on the piece. I put Ele Slayer (and the fort powder). Any ideas?



Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Ok.....when I want to add luck to a bow, it is Ecru Citrine on the high end, instead of Chaga Mushroom ?!? Still Mushroom on the bladed weapons......and armor.

Oops. Guess its always been that way for ranged. Still do not understand the "penalty" on the mods for weight. Individually they equal one amount. Sum them together and the weight equals more than the mathematical sum. Where can one find an up to date imbuing calculator? http://www.knuckleheads.dk/tools/imbuing?itemtype=rweapon does not match up with UO client in this one.

If anyone can explain how the Imbuing weight for that bow pictured above is 515, I would be much obliged.
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If the HCI came from reforging, it is possible that it's weight is wrong. There was a bug that made it impossible to reforge 25 HCI on ranged weapons. They've fixed it, but it is likely that it is being given a wrong weight after reforging.
Try to imbue the piece again, pick HCI and select 25% to see what weight the imbuing gump will show. If it shows the correct 430, you will have to cave in and burn those relics to imbue HCI again on it.