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Hark! It be Talk Like a Pirate WEEK - until September 26th!

  • Thread starter Dor of Sonoma
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Dor of Sonoma

In honor o' th' occasion, many's th' festivities that be a-takin' place - includin' some o'er at them Pirates o' th' Burnin' Sea:
Arr, Ahoy Mateys! Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Pirates of the Burning Sea is the official video game of International Talk Like A Pirate Day (September 19th). Yarr, it be true. To commemorate this auspicious day, Flying Lab Software has created special missions and secret booty just for the occasion. Until September 26th, 2008, players can log in to Pirates of the Burning Sea and party with the grog-swillin’, booty-plundering founders of the day, Cap’n Slappy and Ol’ Chumbucket. These rum-swiggin’ salts will be taking their rightful place in the Burning Sea as they hand out missions and teach everyone a thing or two about getting booty.
Join the crew to party and talk piratical talk!

Quick Pirate Reference Guide:
To prepare you for the day, here is a quick reference guide of pirate terms and sayings.

Pirate Saying — Translation:
Arrrr! — Interject as much as possible!
Ahoy! — Hello!
Booty — Treasure
Cap’n — Captain
Fair Winds! — Good luck!
Godspeed! — Good bye, good luck!
Me Hearties! — Pirate’s Crew
Pillage — To rob or plunder
Sail ho! — To see a ship!
Salt — Veteran sailor
Shiver me timbers! — Yikes!
Sink me! — Said in surprise
Swab — To clean something

Don’t maroon ye matey, join me for Talk Like A Pirate Day!
Avoid mutiny, Talk Like A Pirate!
Don’t be a poop deck, Talk Like A Pirate!
A rose, it be red, a pirate be rank, talk like a pirate, or ye’ll be walking the plank.

Pick-up Lines:
You be the Cap’n of me heart.
Scurvy is just fancy talk for sexified.
Nice sea legs!
Now, put your piratical talk to use, me hearties!

Avast ye! Pirates o’ the Burnin’ Sea be free (for a time): This holiday coincides with our Free 14-Day Trial Key, so set sail with Pirates of the Burning Sea; it’s more fun than dancing the hempen jig (That’s slang for being hanged)!