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"Happy Thanksgiving Mates!"

Blind Tom the Pirate

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Been missin' you scoundrels & sea scum, so I'll be wishin' yas a "Happy Thanksgiving" I am and hopes yas are considerin' spending some of yer holiday time this comin' Christmas Break, at the Jolly Roger Inn piratin' as it were with yur good mates! Ahhhrrg! yers truly, Blind Tom........"har, har, yer killin' me mate with all that blubberin' about how ya miss them sea dogs, ya nearly made me shed a tear."says Loggins...[struggle insues with each pirate swinging away with fists flyin'].
"Enough, enough", says Loggins, "You win mate." ...................hmmmmmmm, "This hear Holiday greetin' stands!" yers sign'd in blood, (Loggin's blood, har, har), Blind Tom
P.S. See ya at the Jolly :arr: