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[Halo Stratics] Halo Bulletin: 10.10.12

Halo Stratics

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Here is a summary of the Halo Bulletin, so let us get started.

“Last week delivered a new book (Halo: The Thursday War, by Karen Traviss), the chance to win some amazing prizes (Halo 4 Soundtrack Remix Contest), and the premiere of our live-action web series (Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn). Between the new Forge information and video prologue for Halo 4’s Domain Terminals (both of which were released yesterday), along with the second episode of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn (which releases Friday morning at 3AM PT), this week is slated to be just as crazy. Some would even call it cray cray.”
This weekend is New York Comic Con, and so we maybe hearing a chuck full of news about Halo 4 during the coming weeks leading up to the launch of the game.

Halo 4 Progression System
This just covers the system on processing through Halo 4, so I’ll be summarizing each.​
Spartan IV Career
When you first enter Infinity Multiplayer, you automatically enlist into the SPARTAN-IV program and begin your Spartan career. This career spans all of your gameplay in War Games, Spartan Ops, Forge and Theater.
New SPARTAN-IV recruits are issued the following gear:
• Assault Rifle
• Magnum
• Frag Grenade
• Recruit Armor, Emblem, Visor and Stance
Stances are a new customization option that let you select a pose for your Spartan on your Player Card. This card is seen in every multiplayer lobby in the game and is how your Spartan is identified outside of gameplay. You will have to rise up through the Spartan ranks to unlock more gear and make your way through the SPARTAN-IV program
Spartan-IV Ranks

Spartans begin their career in the base SPARTAN-IV ranks. There are 50 ranks to work your way through, from SR-1 to SR-50, unlocking gameplay and visual customization items as you rank up.
To rank up, you need to earn XP. You earn XP by:
• Playing War Games (earn more for winning and high personal score)
• Playing Spartan Ops (earn more for higher difficulties)
• Completing each level of a Commendation
• Completing Challenges
• Using Forge
At each rank you earn one or more Spartan Points (SP). Spartan Points are used to spend on gameplay items for your personal loadouts. Once you buy an item, it can be used in your loadouts. Below, we cover the loadouts system.

Each loadout contains a primary weapon, a secondary one, grenades, armor ability, tactical package, and support upgrade.
Default loadouts in the War Games playlists to give you a preview of these items before you reach those ranks, and to offer an alternative to your own custom loadouts.
Over the course of the SPARTAN-IV ranks, you also unlock four extra loadouts (at SR-6, SR-14, SR-26 and SR-41) for a total of five loadouts. You can rename these loadouts, so pick names that match the role or gear for that particular loadout.
Visual Customization

All Spartan-IVs start out with the same Recruit look. As you rank up, this is reflected in the look of your Spartan, which is visible to other players in gameplay and every Multiplayer lobby.
Visual customization items such as Armor, Armor Skins, Weapon Skins, Visors, Emblems and Stances are unlocked through several means:
• Earning a specific SR rank
• Earning a specific rank in a Specialization
• Mastering a Commendation
• Completing a Waypoint goal

Once you hit SR-50, you have the option to enlist in a new Specialization. You can choose which of the available Specializations to enlist in. Specializations are composed of ten levels each. As you rank up in Specializations, you will unlock new armor sets, emblems, visor colors, armor and weapon skins and armor mods – which provide even more options to customize your Spartan-IV to fit your preferred role on the battlefield.
Once you commit to a Specialization, you have to complete it before switching to a new one. It will take roughly as long to complete a Specialization as it does to go from SR-40 to SR-50. All players have access to two Specializations at launch:
• Wetwork: WK-1 to WK-10
• Operator: OP-1 to OP-10
The rest, which are listed below, will gradually be made available in the months following launch. We will be keeping a close watch on player participation post-launch and will roll out the additional six Specializations when the player base reaches certain milestones. Purchasers of the Limited Edition and pre-orders in certain territories have launch day access to the remaining six Specializations – although you still need to complete the initial 50 Ranks before you can enlist in one.
• Engineer: EN-1 to EN-10
• Tracker: TK-1 to TK-10
• Rogue: RG-1 to RG-10
• Stalker: SK-1 to SK-10
• Pathfinder: PT-1 to PT-10
• Pioneer: PR-1 to PR-10
Other players will be able to see your overall progress through the Specializations by your SR rank. This keeps going up by one each time you earn a Specialization rank, all the way up to SR-130. There might be a reward or two waiting for those who hit SR-130!

Halo 4 features over 120 commendations covering a wide variety of activities (per weapon, per enemy type and per game type, for example). There are commendations based around earning specific medals, and we also have aggregators that require you to master multiple commendations to complete them. Commendations also have a variable number of levels. Certain Commendations can award visual customization items when you master them. To master a Commendation, you need to have earned its highest level.
We see the Commendation system as the long-term progression with the most exclusive items. Most players will still be mastering Commendations well after completing the Specializations.
Challenges are divided into four categories:
• Campaign
- 2 Weekly Challenges
• War Games
- 2 Daily Challenges
- 2 Weekly Challenges
- 1 Monthly Challenge
• Spartan Ops
- 6 Challenges
• Waypoint
- Exclusive daily challenges for War Games

source: Halo Waypoint

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