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Halloween Decoration - Township Challenge

Lord Gareth

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Townships wishing to take part in the Challenge will sponsor a team to design and create a Halloween Display to enter into the challenge. The team will choose one plot within city limits to create their best Halloween Display and compete against other participating townships. The display can be anything your mind can create but must have a Halloween display (Scenes from Horror Movies are allowed)

- Team Size can be as small or as large as you wish
- Team Members must be from your township
(Example: Shelra from Zedland cannot join the Kijustsu Anei Team)
- Plot Regulation size is anywhere from 7x7 - 18x18
(Towers are allowed)

Displays will be judged on
-In depth Details

Grand Prize
The Winning township will be awarded 25,000,000gold!!!
Prize gold will be given to the Township leader only for security reasons.

If you have any questions feel free to Contact Lady Phoenix of Dragons Watch or Lord Gareth of Kijustsu Anei.