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[GW2 Official News] A Guide to Dragon Bash

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Hello, fellow Dragon Bashers! Want to know where to go and how to get started with the celebration? Read on!
  • Spoiler-Free Mini Guide
  • Spoiler-Free New Items and Rewards
  • Spoiler-Free New Achievements
Spoiler-Free Mini Guide

Starting Tuesday, June 11:

  • Upon logging into Guild Wars 2, you’ll receive a mail from your racial iconic mentor directing you to check out the Dragon Bash festivities in Lion’s Arch and to speak with the Captain’s Council gathered in the Grand Piazza. Heralds will also be around to point you in the proper direction.
  • Once in Lion’s Arch, you’ll see Captain Magnus marked on your map with a yellow star icon, which is what we use to denote Living World content. Talk with him and the other members of the Captain’s Council to finish the Meet the Hosts achievement. They will direct you to all of the Dragon Bash activities.
  • In every major city, you can bash dragon piñatas to get Zhaitaffy candy. Bash enough piñatas and you’ll earn the Paper Dragon achievement. Eating the candy dropped from piñatas will progress the Zhaitasty achievement track.
  • You can also find firework mortars along the beaches and cliff edges of Lion’s Arch. Use these consumable items to progress the Color the Sky achievement.
  • To enter the Player vs. Player activity of Dragon Ball arena, talk to Finolla in the Mystic Plaza. This is a team competition where players use dragon skills to defeat the opposing team and reach 500 points first.
    • Run over the jump pad in the starting area to bounce into the arena.
    • Pick up new dragon skills by running over them. One of the skills will enhance your default dragon ball skill.
    • There is no falling damage in the arena, and you’ll find that you run faster than normal. You can restore health by touching the blue ankh power-ups in the map. Power-ups of different sizes grant different amounts of healing.
    • On the suspended platform at the top of the arena, there is an invisibility power-up.
    • Atop the middle rock outcrop in the middle of the pit is the deadly Dragon Damage power-up.
    • The winning team is awarded a Dragon Coffer, while the losing team gets a piece of Zhaitaffy. Play games to advance the Dragon Ball Devotee achievement, and win games for the Dragon Ball Boss achievement.
  • If you head to Farshore Ward and talk with Tigg, you can bet on moa. Betting on each race costs 50 silver. Four regular moas and one of three mystery moas will race around the track. Betting on the first place moa will win you seven vouchers and progress toward the Winner’s Circle achievement, second place wins three vouchers, and third place wins one voucher. Vouchers can be redeemed with the merchant next to Tigg. During Dragon Bash, you can buy a Mini Helmed Moa Racer with your winnings.
  • Out in the explorable areas, there are holo-projectors that will spawn holographic dragon minions for you to fight. Defeating these holograms will often earn you a Dragon Coffer. Not only will you work towards the So Lifelike achievement, the Coffer itself has a chance for Zhaitaffy and fireworks, with a very rare chance for a Holographic Risen Knight mini or a ticket for Dragon’s Jade weapon skins.
Available Friday June 14 to Monday June 17

  • A grand fireworks show will repeat every two hours during the first weekend of Dragon Bash, from 9AM on Friday June 14 to 12PM on Monday June 17. Watch fireworks pelt the Holographic Shatterer Dragon over the skies of Lion’s Arch. Players who attend the finale will receive one Horns of the Dragon helm of each armor class.
New Items and Rewards

Besides the aforementioned Horns of the Dragon helm given to attendees of the Dragon Bash Fireworks show, there are new items and rewards.
  • Be sure to pick up your free Polla doll from the Black Lion Trading Post. This free accessory item was the good luck charm for Cobiah Marriner, the founder of Lion’s Arch.
  • Zhaitaffy will rain from bashed dragon piñatas and will grant sugar rush.
  • Dragon Coffers have a chance to drop in all world loot. These festive boxes can contain Zhaitaffy, fireworks, and a very rare chance for a Holographic Risen Knight mini, a ticket for Dragon’s Jade weapon skins, or the Holographic Dragon Wings back item skin.
  • Rich Dragon Coffers have greater chances for the rare Dragon Coffer drops.
  • The Holographic Risen Knight mini can be thrown in the Mystic Forge along with the three minis from the Dragon Bash Mini Pack to create a special Holographic Colossus mini.
  • Winning enough tickets in Moa Racing will allow you to redeem them for the Dragon Bash Moa Racer Minipet.
  • Finishing the meta-achievement, The Dragon Bash Experience, will award players with the Holographic Shattered Dragon Wings back item skin. These projected wings will draw the praise of fellow dragon bashers.

New Achievements

With the June 11 release, eight new Dragon Bash achievements are available, in addition to the The Dragon Bash Experience meta-achievement, which requires 10 of the possible 14 achievements to complete.
Over the next two weeks, two more festival achievements will become obtainable, The Big Boom in the Big City for attending the fireworks show and Burn Down the Dragons for burning effigies. Additionally, four story achievements for Dragon Bash will become available.

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