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[Buying] Guildstone candle by love personal bless deed THE HEAD and more list below


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Screen Shot 04-24-17 at 09.08 AM.PNG Guildstone with name

candle by love



cure for the great gargish blight prepared by(name)

a commendation from Queen Zhah presented to(name)

personal bless deed

a deed for a vendor named(name)90stone

corrupted book of truth

blood purified book of truth

i can buy on any shard

**Britannian Royal Spy**
Britannian Royal Spy - Fixer (Graphic 7939) - Stratics Community Wiki | Stratics Community Forums

Happy Valentines Day Balhae :bought :)

Love Is Eternal : napa bought thx :)

Replica Of The Ancient Armor of The Wandering Knight, One Of The Six Knights Of Mondain bought 175m :)

Britannian Royal Spy - Ghost bought 46m :)
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Petra Fyde

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cure for the great gargish blight prepared by(name) Runlykell

a commendation from Queen Zhah presented to(name) Runlykell

personal bless deed Boromir or Riot Police. All items on Europa


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Im confused what has the name, "the head" the candle, the deed, both???

Finley Grant

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sell the following:
1. Candle Quest Set (needed pieces)
2. Candle: Sevin
3. Candle: Lady Puppie
4. PBD: A Stablemaster
5. PBD: An Inkeeper
6. PBD: A Guildmaster
7. PBD: A Murderer
8. PBD: A Paladin
9. PBD: A Assasin
10 PBD: A Sorcerer
11. PBD: A Weaponstrainer
12. PBD: Sister of Mercy



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I have 2 vendor deeds and marriage ring with player names.
  1. A Deed For A Vendor Named Brendon (Weight: 90)
  2. A Deed For A Vendor Named Brent (Weight: 90)
  3. A Marriage Ring For Kasumi And Shouta
If you are interested, please let me know.
FYI, I'm interested in your "Angel's Feather" and "Pure White Peach" *grin*

Treasure Hunter

Personal bless deed for Anyone

also have:

Personal bless deed for Gremlin
" " Cynthe
" " Sannio
" " Elendil
" " Sunsword
" " Tajima
" " Greywolfe
" " Alexandra
" " Designer Dragon

all located on Legends.


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Somewhere I have several 90 stone vendor deeds. What are you paying? Or did I misunderstand the post and you are looking for a particular name?