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Guilds on Siege, post info for your guild


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Hi Siege Guild Leaders

NEW need a place to find info about the guilds of Siege. Use this thread to tell about your guild, how to contact you, your playstyle and how to join.


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I4nI/!4n! is always recruiting. We are looking for players that just enjoy playing UO we do everything. We are a pvm guild for the most part. We have a a descent dungeon spots in our guild HUB so we can easily get around, warriors will find this real nice, not to mention its great for training skills.

We are accepting all levels of players new to vetrans cantact me through pm, icq 340-509-725 or p.m ME

!4n! is our non faction guild.

i4ni is in the Council Of Mages Faction(COM) which offer special abilities that we enjoy my favorite is Monster Ignore (MI), there are a few more which can be activated by saying "i invoke my good powers" while in factions
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Noble Beast

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[This is a form created (or credited to WarderDragon on Baja. It is comprehensive & RP focused - and unless you can really tame unicorns, literally shoot fire balls from your hands, or really murder people with enchanted arrows then you, my fellow players, role play]

** Guild & Alliance Template **

Guild Name [Abbreviation]: *RA* - Renegade Amazons

Stone Master: Lady Clodia a savage amazon, Regent Priestess; amazon serf Clio, Maiden Minder HouseMother & Thorn Temple Tender; Luka, Death-Delt Chosen War Leader; Giggles, BattleStorm Leader; Skallagrim, Sacred Drone-Ward of Lupina.

Master/Mistress: Mistresses only

Co-Masters/Mistresses: Dionysus, God of Revelry, Theatre, Wine, and , Passionate & Primitive Abandon

Economic Structure:
All members pull together to supply ourselves. We trade & sell BlackRock, Enchanted Food, Crystalline WellWater, Honey, Petals, Ore, Lumber, and various Pets. BlackRock Trade is restricted to Zento Seas & Land.

Guild Loyalty:
In deeds only; there is no need to join our Guild, Alliance, etc..To each his own *shrugs*

Guild Type:
The Thorn is a spiritual Order honoring Empath Abbey at Yew, the Monastery of the The Order of the Rose; we are the 'tough-love' branch. PvM; PvP(for RP purposes or if we are forced to protect one of our own); Spawning; Crafting; RP (semi-RPers). Our Territories are filled with Humans, Elves, Sphinxes, Fae, Werewolves, a newly-discovered Dragon-Kin race & many other misfit creatures who have not found a home elsewhere. We welcome the unique & unusual.

Recruitment Process:
We desire spirit -siblings who want to play Amazons [male or female] & learn our "Ilshenarian" Culture of Exile from a Tribe of Savages. *chuckles*

Age Requirement:
Yes; mature members 18 & above, please. Exceptions can be made if you are bonded /family to a TribeMate

New Player Friendly:
Yes. *smiles* amazon serf Clio is a Co-Leader of NEW2

Activity Level:
Varies depending on work schedules. Usually, one of us are in General Chat.

Primary Facet:
Tokuno & Ilshenar

Primary Bank:

Faction Status:

Faction Affiliation:
Amazon Civil Conflicts arise when choosing to support either Council of Mages [their rage & determined independence led them to rebel against Lord British] or Minax [the only female & the reason for the creation of these land wars]

Allies & Friends:
Arrr Pirates [so proclaimed by Britannia], NEW2, [others will be added as permission is granted], Anne @ Empathy Abbey , the VirtueTown of Minoc & the Bane of Lies barred by the Britannians & Meer.

Seeking Alliances:
We are open

Enemies & Rivals:
New Magincia & Britannia

We are willing to go to war if it is RP based & the Alliance Council agrees.

Scheduled Events:
We are working on this: Beast Battles, Gladitorial Games, Naked Dungeon Crawls, Archery Contest, Spring Festivals, Doom Runs, Zoo Restoration Project, have been discussed. DreadHorn Hunts & Ceremonial Rituals [Medusa] will reoccur.



Yes, depending on circumstance and/or RP.

Yes, considered a semi-RP Guild.

Power Scroll, Stat Scroll, Peerless Loot:
We will get whatever someone needs. We have agents & merchants everywhere.

Event Moderator Storyline Participation:
Yes, indeed!

Perceived Alignment:
Chaotic good is our general image but we are not restricted to this.

Political Affiliation:
We hold fealty to ourselves, Allied TownShips, & the current contract that we are honoring. We have several allies on the Britannian Royal High Council, the Umbrian Senate, The Paladin Knighthood of the City of Light, The Skara Brae Ranger's Office, and we offer assistance to the Mining Master in Minoc without question whenever he calls our Spiritual Order in a time of need.

Casca Storyline Status:
Neutral until Claudia joined the BRPA Alliance, then Hostile [Baja not Siege]

Gargoyle Storyline Status:
Friendly [Baja not Siege]

Not yet

Peak Times:
Not quite sure yet, hehe

Additional Information:
This branch of amazon hails from the land that most call Ilshenar [the savage tribe south of BlackThorn's Former Fortress call their floating world StarStone] whose birth-tribe exiled the women (Amazons) & their men: the eldest tribeswoman (Clio) discovered BlackRock & her savage daughter (Clodia) was learning nontraditional fighting techniques [Bushido from Luka] & their male pet (Skallagrim) had lost control & turned on the TribeFather.

*see signature

*see signature

MyUO Page:
*see signature

Best Method to Contact Guild Leadership:
General Chat (In-Game) - Email: [email protected]!


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Prepare to be boarded is a lightly roleplaying guild of pirates. We are chaotic nuetral aligned and welcome all player types. We plan on doing both pvp and pvm activities as well as hosting events for the server. Our goals are to have fun and bring some of the perilous back to Siege. :) If your interested in joining please go to preparetobeboarded.guildportal.com register and post on the forums.
"Do you have the Barnacles?" : General Discussion : Prepare to be Boarded : Forums : Ultima Online (UO) Guild Site at GuildPortal
You can also ask if any captain is on in general chat.