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Guilds of Drachenfels


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Please use this thread to list your guild. This will be useful for any new or returning players who are looking to join the community.

The following format is just a recommendation;
Guild Name:
Guild Abbreviation:
Guild Leader:
Guild Playstyle; (RP, Pvp, Pvm, or all)
Recruitment Policy:
Contact Information:

For nostalgia reasons, here is the link to the old guild thread.


Stratics Veteran
ODR = On Demand Retired
Leader/Allianceleader = Bruce

-We do PvM, PvP, Champs and sometimes we just talk
-we all have a Job, Family, Friends and even other Hobbys then playing UO !
-Our average age is at 40 years.
-we play mainly on Drach and Euro...but a few play sometimes on ATL and a few another US Shards
-we got a very good infrastructure with transfershields, Guild Houses, Shops on Drach, Euro and ATL
-ICQ, Discord (Headset) and UO Carthographer is recommended!!
.we are searching for new palyers, re-turner and veteran players
-our motivation is fun with the Game, not to trashtalk...but sure, we can do that too..!

contact me via:

ICQ - 74624095

Discord - DeBruce#8874