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Guilds of Atlantic


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Please use this thread to list your guild information. This will be useful for any new or returning players who are looking to join the community.

The following format is just a recommendation;
Guild Name:
Guild Abbreviation:
Guild Leader:
Guild Playstyle; (RP, PvP, PvM, or all)
Recruitment policy:
Contact information:
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Guild Name: United We Fight!
Guild Abbreviation: [UWF]
Guild Leader: Dragging Canoe
Guild Playstyle; (RP, PvP, PvM, or all): primarily PVM / Trammel-based

Contact information: Contact me or @Lady Lavendar
Website: www.UWF.rocks and our Stratics location is United We Fight [UWF]
Recruitment policy: See more information below...

United We Fight is a PVM/Trammel based guild and is currently the largest and most active guild in Ultima Online. Our guild roster is very diverse, as we have active members from all over the globe and from ages 18-70. Many of our guild members have been around for 10+ years. We are very active and you can always find someone online doing hunts and talking about them in our guild chat channel. We run an official hunt every night at 9PM Eastern, except for Tuesdays when we have our official guild meeting. And aside from our official guild hunts, we run other in-game events around holidays and special occasions. We are always welcoming of new recruits and accept players from all levels of experience and skill. Whatever help we can provide to new players - whether it be getting geared up, assisting with template advice, finding houses, so on and so forth - we have a significant amount of resources to help with. UWF also has a dedicated TeamSpeak server available to members and is especially active in the evenings during our official hunts. We also have our own official website and guild forums located at www.UWF.rocks.

Our focus is Fun and Fellowship. Pursuant to this, we maintain an anti-war, Trammel-based focus that aims to forego any guild rivalries or ill-will created by Felucca-based, player versus player (PvP) activities. One of the few rules we have is that we do not allow swearing within in-game guild chat (although our TeamSpeak channel is a lot more open). Thieves and PK's are not allowed. UWF does not form alliances. We wish to be drama-free and hope all recruits understand that all members of the guild are here to have fun and enjoy our beloved Ultima Online - not for griefing or to use the guild solely for self-gain.

If you would like any more information or have any questions, please feel free to let me know and check out our information page! :)
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anyone have any recommendations... looking for a good pvp/pvm guild... am a returning oldschool uo player. looking for my place in this world.


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Looking for an "organized" guild on Atlantic. Am older and just returning to UO. I need some re-orientation and just wanting to go on hunts. Discord is Oscar#2935 or Hobbes ICQ - 122739922.


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Guild Name: Valnorean Renaissance
Guild Abbreviation: VaR
Guild Leader: Hurin Steadfast
Guild Playstyle; (RP, PvP, PvM, or all) "Personal Training"
Recruitment policy: One on one
Contact information:

Discord morty19067#2740 (mostly used) ICQ 105851819. Skype: Morfiction.

I just have a guild formed for my characters in two accounts mostly but for now I am interested in letting a young or returning player join up with me for quick sessions to discuss techniques to gain skills or stats or do whattever in game. I work part time Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays so I'm on the rest of the week mostly. My crafters (collectively called Fac N Yo) are on hand to do suits or weapons that are imbued but I'm still learning the fine details of enhancing & reforging. But I have Alchemy, inscription (for Necro & Magery) and my other toons are mages of some kind or other.