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Guilds - Dark Figure

Acid phreak

Stratics Veteran
Ok put some thought into how i would like to introduce the "idea" i had to the community, see fit to pick and suggest ideas as i said its only a way to intro the "group".

( insert lore / naked elfs / drunk orcs and some date before christ )

Twas a cold nite the moon was high and the tree's swung in the distance as the breeze came in from the ocean.

* ( Howling ) * what was that dad ? screamed Andy as he sat up in bed.. quickly you grab your son and start running for the town church muttering this cant be happening after

all this time !!

* (church bells ring in the distance) * I thought the 'wolf people' were made up dad, you could see the look of confusion and fear in his eyes !. werewolfves hadnt been in

this region for over 50 years what had brought them this far ? food ? shelter ? war ....

As you near the church it isnt but more then 100 yards, you can hear the distinct howling of werewolfves and the clanging of steel and war screams of the mighty nords man,

what could be happening for these 2 mighty races to be fighting side by side ?

you just make it into the church as the towns guard usher the last few remaining towns folk quick enough to make it to the church before the onslaught would begin, women..

children of all ages would be torn apart by the werewolfves if they were to get inside,the men that didnt make it were stood aside and gatheed like sheep for what seemed an

'ethnic' cleansing.the nords man finally arrived to calm their beast friends that stood at the town doors and demanded the remaining guards and mayor come out or anyone

standing would be killed.as the nords gather around the church there is no way out, they all stand there grinning and bash their swords on sheilds eager for battle and blood,

this walk wasnt for fun they were on their way to the 'capitol' to capture the resources and keep.after alot of screaming bla bla there is a stand off. utter silence.. the

nords and the town mayor stand face to face at the town doors,

*(insert scared town mayor voice)* Please sir take what you want but leave the townsfolk alone we do you no harm, you can prosper from these lands...

*(nord commander voice)*the key.. hand it to me and you will die quickly and a man.

*(insert scared town mayor voice)*Please sir i beg of you!!

**(knife goes threw skull noise)**

*(nord commander scream like pancake)* Arrrrrrrrrrrr youll diee...

*(mighty roar and blood curdling screams from the surrounding buildings and forrests)*

suddenly a dozzen brazen heavly clad orcs and elfs rush the nords man

the nords man rush forward, this is what they came for, victory or to die trying. they order the werewolfves to kill anything that moves. the clash of steel and roar of men ..

in the midst of battle theres a sudden roar of energy. everything seems to come to a complete stop as the fireball consumes half a dozen nords man, what was this ? magic...

the orcs have brought magic with them, no.. they havent its a small band of brentons casting on the nords.the brentons leap into action the leading brenton seems to move

somewhat lighter then the others on his feet he moves past the nord commander corpse removes his dagger from the head and rushes back into battle conjuring a fireball as he


after several people have been lost on both sides the church doors open up and the group approaches the townsfolk inside.

*(strange tongue but english ok !! brenton maybe u do the lore bit )* Fear us not people, we come to help we have been hunting this mangey group for days across the lands,

they have pillaged several villages and left nothing in their wake.We are but a band of traveling 'misfits' everyone is equal in our humble group.

*(stranger approaches you and andy)* You there ! he points his finger at you and your son, do you wish to die like a coward ? or draw arms and prosper with a family (cartel

remember) make your descesion for we leave soon.

you look the stranger up and down, you notice the "black hand" on his robe , this catches his attention and he draws closer and whispers in your ear,do not let the robe detere

you from fate, for the very wearer of this robe was a good friend untill he crossed our group,now it serves as a mere reminder of what happens when you cross one of the family

you speak to the man.. what is the name of your group ?
*(Dark Stranger)* we have no name sir
what is your cause ?
*(Dark Stranger)* Family- Fortune- tales of far away lands to explore
he reaches out and offers his hand.. Friend shall we ?

pretty simple story wanted more indepth but **** i dont have that much patience, but u get the general idea of what the group is.. could be any faction.. group bla bla
most ppl ive played with have like the whole chaos vs order ( ultima online ) i was in (one) a chaos guild on oceania id love to get some of the old community together and form a guild that not only caters for people that want a guild with some story/rping but also a dark side with pvp. extra coin for mercenary work /protection work its al possible anyway that some ideas work on it.. read it close ya eyes think about it.. not a bad story if u add some gore

love Acid Phreak


Ancient Alien
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Great story Acid Phreak. Really. Should attract some RPrs. Though, the more players the more the story changes as each makes themselves part of it all. Still, joining a roving band of misfits has it's appeal. My in-game char name is Evil Roy. If we happen to cross paths, I may want to travel with your band for a while.