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Guild Wars 2 Professions


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In Guild Wars 2 you will be able to choose from 8 different professions. This gives the player a wide variety to choose a class they would like to play that is comfortable to their play styles. Lets break down these professions into categories.
The magic class or scholars would be the Elementalist, Necromancer, and the Mesmer. The adventure or scout type of class would be the Thief and Ranger.The tank or soldier class would be the Warrior and Guardian.Now each profession is defined by the armor they wear. So a Warrior will not be able to wear a Necromancer armor. Same for a Elementalist that wont be able to wear a Warrior armor. So each profession has its own armor and weapons. This keeps each profession unique and true to their character.
The 8 professions are:
1) Warrior
2) Elementalist
3) Ranger
4) Necromancer
5) Guardian
6) Engineer
7) Thief
8) Mesmer
Each profession has it’s own level of play that is more challenging compared to some of the other professions. The Elemenatlist and Warrior would be classified as an easier profession then compared to the Mesmer and Guardian. Now this is not to say the easier classes are not worth playing. Contrary to the normal path in MMO’s that these professions are usually not worth playing is far beyond truth. The Elementalist and Warrior is just as good to play as the harder professions are. Each profession works with the other.

ArenaNet has came up with a simple solution that has plagued many MMO’s . By now you may have noticed that no healing profession was made. Most modern MMO’s always have a healing class. Guild Wars even has one. Each profession in Guild Wars 2 will have self healing and be able to revive other players. Even a downed player, can still fight for a short period of time to try to kill an enemy and if successful can be revived back into battle themselves.

In Guild Wars 2, if you and your 10 friends want to go out and all be warriors you can and still be able to play all the content. You choose how you want to play the game, not letting the game choose it for you.

Down below are the professions and some of the skills that will be in the game.

















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I would like to also credit Enigmatican, arenanetofficial, and rocoberseker for providing these videos up on youtube.