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Guild Of Friends !3th Anniversary Weekend

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The Guild of Friends are proud to say our 13th year UO Anniversary is almost here. We invite our friends from around Great Lakes to join in our events that we will be doing starting Friday Oct 21 continuing Saturday and Sunday. To start the events on Friday the 21st we will be doing a staged IDOC of a tower full of goodies and cash. I cannot guess the value of what will be in the tower because we are still adding to it every day and last guess it was well over 50mill in gold and loot. We also have planned a large auction on Saturday evening, a bank trivia and social event during the days Saturday and Sunday as well as a net Toss with over a hundred nets including several white ones.
At the time of this posting we have several other events "penciled" and we will be doing updates as things come together. Closer to the time of the events we will provide runes to locations and or books with needed information around the shard. All events that we do will be open to everyone. Needless to say in 13 years GOF Guild has made many friends and some enemies - all are welcome to come reminisce old times, grab some freebies and maybe win some prizes......... more to come
King Flash of Guild of Friends

AKA Harloff

As I was telling Hannah /Beth, our active numbers has dropped so low we as a guild are unable to do any events.but we still have our resource's. So how about 30 white nets for the toss and 10 mil in checks for the idoc as a donation
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