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*Guild Creation and Merger Notice*

Lord Gareth

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*Guild Creation and Merger Notice*

Kijustsu Anei OOC Leadership has created a new guild to house many of the current guilds within our communities. The guilds name is Ethereal Void Imperium [EVI]. This “guild” is more of Community Cooperation since we are limited by the game mechanics and certain functions only viewable by guilmembers. Such as seeing players online in the Roster and with the player base not being as large as it used to be, having everyone under one roof seems like the best way to keep everyone active.

To make this transition as smooth as possible please contact the following people to have all your characters transferred over so we can make this transition quickly and as smoothly as possible

Gareth- 267944224
WildStar- 8040775
Pooper- 20890219

All guilds are welcome to merge if they wish to do so but are not required to. The following guilds have already begun the process of merging.

Friends Seeking Halibut [F!SH]
Tonkaweya Tribe [T_T]
Alien Beings [UFO]
Derelict [-$15]
Chesapeake Crafters Society [CCS]
Brotherhood of Virtue [BoV]