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Guess I'm Coming to WAR...


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After 8+ yrs of UO, I think I'm calling it quits. My buddy was showing me warhammer and I gotta say that I'm pretty impressed. I'll always love UO... but its that kinda love ya have for a toothless blind 3 legged dog. It'll take me a month or two to sell off all my UO accts and inventory but I'm going to be opening a war account hopefully by this weekend.

Brings me to the point of this lil rambling... What sort of basic newbie advice do you folks have for me? I am a vet gamer but coming from UO, it's just like being a newb. I'm drifting towards a tank class dwarf (a smithy/macer has always been my prefered template). I'm sure I'll toy around with the first toon i build before actually settling into what I wanna build to but any advice to save me some time on easy slip ups would be handy.

Kk ty for any info provided :)


Lore Master
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Hi Mazulat,

Welcome to WAR Stratics! I'm playing both UO (11 years) and WAR (since launch, I wasn't in the beta). As much as I like WAR, I'm not leaving UO... just something I can't give up on (I'll be there for as long as Baja is). ;)

Basic newbie advice? Aside from my usual shameless plug (see siggy)?! The WAR toon I've played the most is a shadow elf, but I've built several toons... just to see how they work, haven't leveled them up much though yet. Advice I believe depends on what kind of player you are. Some players like "going through the process", experiencing the journey so to speak (I'm like that). Others just want to get from Point A to Point D so they can get to the good stuff ASAP.

Read some guides, talk it up (like your post here), and look for some of your shard friends making the leap to WAR too. A tank dwarf is cool, but so are the other races/classes in WAR too... build a several toons. :)


Here's my advise on WAR. Look at what the classes say. Those are not advise hints on the class. If it role says healer, well you can't turn into a DPS juggernaut like WoW. If you want to be the center of attention, role a tank class, my advise the Knight of the Blazing Sun will do you wonders. If you still like to melee but like to do heavy DPS, I suggest either a White Lion or Witch Hunter if you are going Order but Witch Hunters are squishy. Ranged DPS Bright Wizards tend to be the best, followed by Shadow Hunters with most put the engineer last. If you like to be the party life saver, then roll up a healer.

Now, of course, someoen will tell you, you got all these paths and a DPS path, yata yata yata, but really, trying to play a class outside of it's role well, might work early on, but in the later levels, especially around mid t2 and beginning of t3, if you aren't supporting your team doing your role, you are going to find life miserable. Nothing has been more frustrating the past few days with a bunch of newbs, as it were, coming up and trying to play Arch Magi like DPS or trying to play a tank like a white lion. I've ran a lot of successful scenarios and a lot of successful keep runs, and those are because everyone works together as a well oiled teama nd listens up for what to do. Go off on your own, and you will most likely be hitting that respawn button.

Best advise I can give, and also, look for a good guild. You will need it, and in t3 invest in apothecary, lot's of it.

Lil' Lucien

I'm moving over from Uo too. I now have a computer that can run high end games and content. I tried the unlimited demo and found it to be very worthwhile. The RvR (PvP) has more substance and is more exciting than I ever found UO to be. Skills vs lvl's has never been a big deal to me so that was an easy hurdle to overcome. There is still a ton of custom-ability to keep you happy and busy.

It has been difficult to narrow down which char I wanna be most but I had to decide if I wanna do damage or be a healer. So far I chose damage (witch hunter) and it's pretty fun. I basically run a char to lvl 10-11 and start a new class. This way is a little monotonous quest wise but the Warhammer world is fairly large and I have not even been to elf or dwarf lands.

It is very true to know your role. RvR most certainly requires teamwork to be successful and to have fun. It is not really comparable to UO. You will win sometimes and you will lose sometimes it just works that way especially if more chaos players are on or not and depending on which tier you are in.

I think the game is very well laid out and there appears to be veterans rewards here as well. You will see where some of the recent UO changes have come from as well and it becomes fairly obvious as you play on. The mail system is really cool and no two chars have the same name.

I play on the Gorfang server and will be happy to help if you need it. My witch hunters name is Dethferu. You can drop me a line. If you are playing the demo you will not be able to use the mail though.

Good Luck!