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Guard wacked in VvV towns


UO Designer
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
What are you talking about?

There is a picture of one of the guards on the original post. When you hit them by accident (with area effects when crim or red) they wack you. Can't you just get a GM or EM to delete them?
Details would include,
Date, time, shard, and character name involved in the issue. Status of the character, are you in VvV? Were you flagged as orange for engaging on someone in VvV? What is the notoriety status of the character (red, gray, otherwise-blue). What spell did you cast, did you receive any messaging after casting that spell? What was the status of the VvV match at the time you cast that spell.

There are hundreds of variables involved in every situation, and we need to be as exact as possible to reproduce, fix, and verify the issue is resolved. We also do not track bugs through Stratics. Please send the requested details to the aforementioned e-mail. Thanks!