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Group 25 Jade 2d/ Banzai 3d


UO Producer | Dark OverLady
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
1. Why aren't the NPC prices resettting at server up in the Gargoyle City? Is it a bug?

2. Bug:

I hope you are aware that when a mage "pre-casts" a spell and attempts to disarm another player, he has a 100% chance of success to disarm a player With The Wrestling Skill.

This cannot possibly be intended, but a friend and i tried it out... One player had 110 wrestle, 120 magery and NO tactics with NO hit chance or anatomy the other has 120 swords, 115 parry, 110 tactics, 110 anatomy and 43% defence chance and 50/50 times the mage disarmed the swordsman when a spell was pre-casted. we used harm* Now then.. with no spell pre-casted, the mage disarmed the swordsman 1/12 times, on the 12th attempt.

Since i play as a weapon user, best known in game as a dexxer.. It is quite disturbing to see this happen. I have reported SEVERAL people doing this, but they tell me i should report it here.

I know people are doing this intentionally, but also, it wopuld be easy to do unintentionally. for example if a person had thier special move active, and then went to heal as the dexxer is swinging.

This bug Needs Immediate Attention!
There is no place for weapon user in pvp combat, if he has 0% chance of using his weapon.
I thought publish 25 was going to even out things, but it seems again this bug has allowed players to over run the dexxers.

3. i sent 5000+ gold peices to my bank via a bag of sending. when i got to the bank it was not there.

4. Detailed description of incident: Was in new lands taming "a hiryu". A tamer transfered the pet to me. It was flagged to another tamer in the area. I attacked a released frenzied ostard. The tamer that was attacked by the hiryu prior to it being tamed told me I was grey to him. we gated to brit stable and he was still able to attack the Hiryu. I noticed the game tell me that guards could be cxalled on me. I was green. I peaced the hiryu and stabled it. Called guards and was guard wacked. I never commited a criminal act. Hiryu attacking the tamer in town since the battle flag was not worn off, made me show as an agressor but not flagged grey.

5. I logged in after the expansion, Samurai expansion and my two birhday bags which used to be ice white and ice blue are now some funky shade of blue. I thought maybe someone had tried something malicious and dyed them however I attempted to dye a bag that was locked down or secured and it said you cannot dye things locked down. I had another bag of ice blue in a secured container and I checked on it to see if the color of it had changed but it didn't, it still holds the original color but it wasn't locked down visible to others. So either I'm thinking it's a bug with the expansion or some type of exploit.

6. Detailed description of incident: I customized my house today and some items didn't get put into the relocating crate upon the change [2-flaming head deeds, and a rose are missing and few other things that appear to be stuck on the roof]. How can I retrieve all lost items? Hopefully they are not gone forever. This is the first major incident I have experienced since beta testing the launch of UO. This account is my second account and between the two accounts experience in UO, I don't recall every having a problem like this. Whatever can be done to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated, as I have enjoyed this game for over seven years and would hate to see items that have been collected during that time vanish.

7. i am trying to get my circle of transparecy to work but it wont center on my character,itll be a few spaces of and that area will be transparent.

8. · Preferred Shard: Siege Perilous
· Date/Time of Incident: Thursday, November 04, 2004/ 5:15 PM.
· Detailed description of incident: see below...

Escorting npcs seems to have few problems. Sometimes when I ask them to follow me (I will take thee), they dont follow me. They just stand and when i abandon escort they vanish. Seems like the only ones who mainly do that is the ones who want to go to Trinsic. Also one time when i steped in a moongate with a npc, it vanished.

9. Greetings. I have just found a silly bug /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

In my spellbook, I DO NOT have the recall spell. Yet I can use my RECALL button in my runebook, and cast RECALL that way. GRIN. I have NO recall scrolls in the the runebook, and I use up Regs, and I even gain Magery /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

10. Haven't logged in with my mule in a while. Was going to do some tailoring for my GGS gain. Was in my home which is in Malas on Pac. I was using 3D.
Couldn't remember what I made last, so I hit the "make last" button on the menu.
Some of my leather was used, I got a message that I made the item, but a plain deed showed up in my pack. When I tried to access the deed, it said it didn't seem to be for anything.
I thought I was overloaded, so I got rid of some things and tried again. Got another empty deed and lost leather. I tried putting the deeds into a BOD (which should have matched what I thought I was making) but it said that item isn't in the BOD.
So I have three empty deeds, less leather, and no idea what to do with them.

11. Was in Destard on Pac Trammel. Got killed and ran to a healer, used my pet summonning ball to get my WW out. He was dead so I went to rez him. Got a message that he couldn't be resurrected on that spot. Another tamer was trying too.
I moved several tiles away and tried again, (so did the other tamer) same message. Tried that about three times, then recalled to my house. Still no good.
I eventually called a GM (Sparkle) and she got him live again.
I had no problems rezzing my mare, but I didn't use a summoning ball to get him.
I've had to rez my WW before and it worked just fine.
I've had that message before (recently) and usually if you move a tile or two you can rez just fine.

12. Bug: recalling with a bonded pet, either alive or a ghost refills it
to completely full life.

13. As xxxxx, in placing a vendor... new vendors deeds bought in Minoc
allowed vendor placement but the newly created vendor had only a beginning
bank balance of 4 gp. 11/4/2004 1:45 pm.

14. As xxxxxx, On Tues. 11/2/2004 my warred guild char was healed by a blue
while fighting an ogre. This was approximately 8:30 pm. This was in the forest
outside Minoc Trammel.

15. Ever since the new guild system went live on our shard, we have all noticed that regardless of your war status, any player can perform beneficial acts on other players in Trammel. I would not think that this is a feature as it introduces many many problems form the Trammel Guild War system.

As it is, say there are three characters. Character A belongs to Guild A, Character B belongs to Guild B. Guilds A and B are at war. Character C may or may not be in a guild… that does not matter. Characters A and B are in a battle… they can harm each other… but they can also heal each other, which was not possible before. It used to be the case that if a character is in a warring guild, only guildmates could perform beneficial acts on them. But now, ‘oranges’ or enemies can do that as well. Further,… the blue character C, which is not involved in either guild, can heal either of them, thus interfering in the battle without the possibility of being harmed. That means, the blue character could grief the battle because he is invincible.

I believe this is a bug because it is crippling to the Trammel guild war system which is predicated upon fairness. Allowing blue characters to heal war guild members, particularly during a battle with enemies is like giving one side a free healer advantage in battle. In the worst case, a guild could take advantage of this and set up blue characters in the area to keep healing them during a fight, when all the while, the opposing group cannot do a thing to get the blue characters out of the way.